How to Have a Successful Consultant Visit

What happens on a consultant visit? Each visit from a leadership consultant generally lasts between three and five days. He is there to provide assistance to the chapter or colony for whatever it may need. He can support recruitment efforts, assist with event planning, provide personal development workshops, analyze the chapter or colony’s operations to streamline efficiency, review risk management policies to ensure the group is compliant, connect members with national programs, be a sounding board for chapter or colony leaders, help with new member education and much more. The consultant is a trained, young professional who just experienced what members in the chapter are going through now. 

If the chapter has a shelter the consultant will live with the men in their shelter throughout his visit. This provides members the opportunity to get to know the consultant on an individual level and develop a personal relationship with him as a resource. For those who do not have a shelter, he will find lodging accommodations close to the campus. He will also work closely with the chapter or colony to develop those personal relationships outside of his meetings. 

Throughout the visit the consultant will need to meet with certain individuals and officers. See below for a list of required and suggested officers who should meet with him. If there are organized events or meetings during his visit it is suggested to invite the consultant to them. This can be a great way for him to learn about the chapter or colony, and provide information to the Central Office to promote the great things the men are doing in the chapter.

Within seven to ten days after the visit, the consultant will provide the members a detailed report which will highlight the successes the chapter has had since the last consultant visit and will provide goals for the chapter to achieve before the next visit. The consultant is coached to write this report with local leadership, so members should be aware of what will be provided.