Keith Steiner (Allegheny College, 1973)

Vice President Wealth Management UBS, Retired

“The Delt chapter consultant program provides great value to Delta Tau Delta and to the Delts who accept the challenge of serving the Fraternity. You will be challenged by new campuses, travel and seeking solutions for individuals and chapters quite different from your own chapter. A Delt chapter consultant benefits from skills learned from this great "first job" which will enhance every subsequent job he will hold.”

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Chris Wisbrock (University of Missouri, 1997)

Senior Vice President, Operations for Cloudmed

"The chapter consultant program is a unique opportunity to lay a strong foundation as you grow professionally. The relationships you build and the experiences you have will serve you for your entire career as you advance into almost any industry. We always said that two years on the road for Delta Tau Delta was like getting a masters degree in people."

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Todd Jurkowski (Florida State University, 1994)

Foreign Service Officer at U.S. Department of State

“I was a leadership consultant for my international Fraternity. Basically, I went from college campus to college campus working with the undergraduates, the alumni and the university personnel to improve the fraternity experience for members of Delta Tau Delta. The job was awesome. I got paid to travel to 38 states and Canada, and visited more than 100 college campuses. And I drove from place to place, so I really got to see the country.”

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Jim Hise (Kansas State University, 1989)

Private Wealth Advisor, Merrill Private Wealth Management

“The benefits of being a chapter consultant are hard to quantify. It was one of the most rewarding experiences in my 51 years of life. The people you meet, the places you see and the experiences you have are amazing.”

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