Why Become a Leadership Consultant?

Work for the Organization You Love - You have already put a lot of work, time and effort into Delta Tau Delta. Becoming a leadership consultant is your chance to leave an impact on the Fraternity you are already so passionate about. During your time on staff you will get the opportunity to work, shape, and leave a legacy for Delt on the national level. During the summer training you will also have the opportunity to provide direct feedback on areas of the organization’s strategic plan and initiatives.

Professional Development - A leadership consultant gets trained in every area of an organization’s operation. No matter what your long-term industry will be, you will work with budgets, you’ll need to develop relationships with a wide variety of individuals, you may speak in front of a group of individuals, and more than likely will have to problem solve and critically think. Leadership consultants are trained in each of these areas.

Personal Development - To be successful in this role it is important for leadership consultants to have a decent understanding about who they are. Throughout the summer the men are asked to think critically about what both their future professional and personal journey will be. We feel having a better understanding of what you are working towards will make you a better staff member and resource for Delta Tau Delta’s members.

Travel the Country - When else in your life are you going to get to travel the country without footing the majority of the bill? During your time you will get the opportunity to see everything from some of the most well-known cities throughout country to national parks to small-town America.

The Chi Chi Network - Up until this point you may not have heard of the Chi Chi chapter. Chi Chi is the informal name given to chapter consultants. Just over 250 men have had the opportunity to serve in this role. It is like gaining another chapter in the Fraternity, and a great network. In addition, many of the men who travel say their fellow leadership consultants have become some of the closest relationships they have. 

Apply to Become a Leadership Consultant

Download the application for employment. Submit it along with a resume and a cover letter to delts@delts.org.

Consultant Application