The Fraternity Awards and Accreditation Report (FAAR) is the chapter operations assessment tool of Delta Tau Delta. Chapters are required to submit annual reports outlining the processes and programs developed by the Chapter. Materials are to be submitted by chapters to the Central Office by Nov 1. 


The Arch Chapter adopts annually a set of criteria as the minimum operating standards of a chapter. Chapters are expected to submit materials to show proof of completion by Nov. 1 annually. Items are reviewed and approved by the Central Office Staff. Should a chapter fail to meet accreditation by Nov. 1, the chapter will be provided additional support throughout the year.


The FAAR is the primary tool for the Fraternity to bestow awards on its chapters. The Hugh Shields Awards for Chapter Excellence and the Court of Honor are awarded based on chapter submissions.

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FAAR Submission Documents

FAAR Narrative Prompt Templates

As has been communicated, the awards items for each section of the FAAR are divided between chapter performance items and narrative prompts. It is important for the grading process that chapters are clear when answering the narrative prompt items. To assist with this, the Fraternity would prefer the chapters use templates when answering these prompts. As a reminder the responses for each prompt question should be between 500-750 words each. Chapters can include supplemental materials as verification, but the responses themselves should be concise and direct.

Below are narrative prompt templates covering all areas of the FAAR. Please use these templates when completing narrative prompt FAAR items.


FAAR Resource Documents