Donor Spotlight: Angel S. Levas, University of Kentucky

Evangelos “Angel” S. Levas (University of Kentucky, 1954) has continuously served Delta Tau Delta as a generous and thoughtful brother. His profound professional leadership skills have helped Delts following in his steps lead lives of excellence for decades.

The son of Greek Immigrant parents, Levas proved his dedication to serving those around him from a young age, as he transformed the family restaurant Coney Island Restaurant into the Levas’ Restaurant alongside his late brother, John V. Levas (University of Kentucky, 1957).

With the Fraternity, Levas volunteered his time as Southern Division President, Division Vice President, Arch Chapter Treasurer, and a member on the Delta Epsilon House Chapter Board. Thanks to his years of service, Levas was presented with the Distinguished Service Chapter, the highest award presented by the Fraternity.

Brother Levas has been a generous donor to the Delt Foundation for years and is recognized as a member of the Order of the C— Society, Bethany Society, Heritage Society, and a recipient of the Crystal Vision award. The Kentucky alumnus has created numerous opportunities for undergraduate Delts through these gifts and remains one of the top Forging the Future Campaign contributors with Platinum Society recognition.

A philanthropist in his local community, Levas helped improve the Lexington area through work with Just Fund KY, the Fine Arts, the Greek Orthodox Church and is a founding member of the Bluegrass Community Foundation. 

Donor Spotlight: Michael D. Shonrock, Ph.D., Western Illinois University

The newest Chairman of the Educational Foundation Board, Michael D. Shonrock, Ph.D. (Western Illinois University, 1979), enters his role at an exciting and inspiring new time for the Foundation.

From the very beginning in his early days as an undergraduate, Shonrock knew that Delta Tau Delta was a powerful force. Learning the true meaning of brotherhood and grasping an appreciation to learn to build self-confidence, Shonrock carries those initial life lessons with him today.

A firm believer in servant leadership and service above self, Shonrock hopes that current undergraduates will gain significant attributes because of the Forging the Future Campaign.

“Anyone can live in a community, but not everyone can engage. My hope is that they can learn the value of giving back to an organization and community. They are the future, so it’s important they help us move forward into the next generation and start a movement.”

Having launched the Campaign at the Norfolk Karnea, the excitement surrounding it enhances the more that people learn about it. Shonrock addresses this point while also motioning to continue moving forward.

“We’ve already made a lot of progress with it, but it’s important to keep that momentum moving and continue building upon it. Ultimately, through this campaign we are investing in the next generation of Delts. The gifts we receive are precious and each gift means something to someone.”

Always looking to build and improve relationships, Shonrock is excited to provide those same opportunities to current members.

“We must recognize and respect generational differences while continuing to invest in the next generation. They will be taking on leadership roles to prepare them to be successful throughout life, and it’s very energizing to aid those and watch them come to fruition.”

Donor Spotlight: Bruce L. Peterson, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

A director on the Foundation’s Board of Directors and elected in 2020 as the 55th international president of the Fraternity, Bruce L. Peterson (University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, 1975) shows a devotion to Delta Tau Delta that stretches across decades.

As an undergraduate, Peterson admits that many of the lessons he learned as a Delt helped transform him in his professional setting. “Serving as a committee chair or an officer allowed me to learn how to motivate people, create budgets, develop project plans with dates, and effectively communicate (oral & written) to others. Having had these workplace skills advantaged me over my peers who were just starting to learn the soft skills I learned from the Fraternity.”

Peterson addresses the ongoing support that young men need to thrive and reach their full potential, making it apparent how crucial the work is that the Foundation is doing for young Delts.

“Fraternities are one of a handful of organizations supporting men in a hostile world that disadvantages them at every turn. Although some may think men are okay or self-reliant and don’t require help, these donations to the Foundation help ensure young men get the very-necessary support, resources, and care to live lives of excellence. I see our campaign providing the resources needed to help our members succeed in their professional careers, civic duties, and personal lives.”

"I hope we develop programs to foster mentorships by discipline and for our alums to seek and place our members into work internships. This mentoring program has a real-world implication that would tremendously advantage our brothers’ careers and aspirations to live a life of excellence."

To follow Brother Peterson's lead in giving to the Educational Foundation, visit

Donor Spotlight: William A. McCloy, Ohio State University

William A. McCloy (Ohio State University, 1982) was one of the Beta Phi members who were fortunate enough to call Paul M. Falkenbach (Ohio State University, 1979) a Brother, a friend, and a mentor. The two first met during McCloy’s initiation week, and eventually overlapped as outgoing president and incoming vice president of the Chapter. Falkenbach passed in January 2022.

McCloy knew that Delta Tau Delta was the best fit for him based on the type of people all the members were, claiming it to be a diverse chapter in the sense of economic and demographic backgrounds of the young men. Finding a declared comfort with the Beta Phi members, McCloy’s decision was proved correct when he met Falkenbach. “Paul was very effective in interacting, communicating, and getting along with everyone. He exemplified very clearly what social interaction can do to a young man.” McCloy credits this life lesson as one of the most important he’s learned, thanks to his late friend.

The Paul Falkenbach Fund provides funds for chapter president leadership training, speakers at division conferences and Karnea, and educational programming for alumni volunteers. This fund is a testament to the devotion and character that Falkenbach displayed as a Delt. McCloy claims it to be a perfect way to “tie the trait and talent that he had and honor him through it. We owe it to him to try to emulate and formalize a process that gives better support to leaders within Delta Tau Delta.”

Dedicated as a fund to enhance leadership training, McCloy acknowledges the work ethic and desire to improve that Falkenbach’s often displayed. “He was great at capturing what we wanted to accomplish and handing it on to the next generation. Instead of waiting to be told what we should be doing, Paul would first ask where we can improve.” McCloy notes that although every chapter is not the same, providing a framework and outline on what brought a certain chapter success can play a role in improving another.

Aside from the Foundation and Fraternity, McCloy actively volunteers his time and treasure with other organizations near to his heart; giving back is a natural for him and his family. As an undergraduate, McCloy found Beta Phi to be a part of almost everything he did. Not only did he meet his best friends from the Chapter, but many aspects of his profession, including his stint in the Ohio Senate, were a result of the relationships he formed with his Brothers.

“My experience at Beta Phi is the biggest reason why I give back to the Fraternity. I give back for what it gave to me.”

To follow Brother McCloy's lead in giving to the Educational Foundation, visit  

Donor Spotlight: Paul J. DeMand, Kettering University

Paul J. DeMand (Kettering University, 1988) has been a global business leader for years. Aside from his professional excursions across the world, DeMand also serves as a member of the Foundation Board of Directors. Although he currently resides in both Hong Kong and California, DeMand finds a plethora of ways to keep in contact with the Educational Foundation, thus having a powerful impact on our Fraternity and fellow members.

“I give to Delta Tau Delta to ensure that we continue to have the best opportunity to recruit, develop and retain the best men who truly aspire to live lives of excellence. The Delt experience gave me ‘real-world’ benefits of brotherhood, leadership, and working together to achieve principled purpose. I personally give now as an investment to ensure that we continue to give these critical hands-on opportunities to current and future members nationwide.”

“I strongly encourage each one of our members, both current and alumni, to give back to Delta Tau Delta in some form, whether it be time, talent and/or treasure. I personally make it a point to connect with various brothers monthly, am involved in championing the alumni resurgence at Kettering University and continue to serve on the Foundation Board of Directors in various leadership roles. Giving back provides a sense of pride knowing you create a positive impact through leading by example.”

As a result of his proven dedication to Delta Tau Delta, DeMand is honored with Al Sheriff Associate, Delta Alpha Kappa, Order of the C--, and Bethany Society giving level statuses. Join Brother DeMand in encouraging others to donate to the Forging the Future Campaign and the Educational Foundation. 

Donor Spotlight: Justin A. Williamson, Southeastern Louisiana University

As a senior in college, Capt. Justin A. Williamson (Southeastern Louisiana University, 2015) made the courageous decision to join the military following the completion of his degree. While it wasn’t the path he’d always planned for, he claims that he would never have taken it without the support and motivation he received from his Delta Tau Delta Brothers. Early on in his Delt journey, Williamson knew he wanted to offer the same impact and guidance to undergraduates that he experienced. Not only has he served as a regular, generous donor, Williamson has also devoted a great amount of time and energy into impacting the lives of young Delts through facilitating the 2020 Digital Ignite program and evaluating scholarship applications for the Educational Foundation.

“Delta Tau Delta was the first experience I had that I saw the link between individual and group success. As an undergraduate, there were brothers that I connected with who became my mentors and motivators to give my best and make my chapter better. Now as an alumnus, I have worked to put out that same energy. Being a driving force behind the creation of the Military Delts and Delt Pride affinity groups has been very fulfilling. I would want other Delts to see that example and be encouraged to do the same.”

“If I had not had the opportunities I did to grow as an undergraduate, I simply would not be the person I am today. In the transition of graduating, I did not want to delay giving back because current and future undergraduates need to have the same or better access to the programs and experiences I had. For now, I want to keep my momentum on the Foundation and eventually get back to more hands-on work with undergraduates when placement in my career allows for it.”

Thanks to his continued generosity, Williamson is recognized as an Al Sheriff Associate and a member of the Order of the C--, Bethany Society and Heritage Society. Pledging his first donation to the Foundation in 2012, Williamson began his dedication to giving back as an undergraduate and earned Crescent Society honors.  

Learn more about the great ways to get involved with the Foundation and make an impact at

Donor Spotlight: Monroe E. Trout, University of Pennsylvania

Monroe & Sandy

Prior to pledging Delta Tau Delta, Monroe E. Trout, M.D. (University of Pennsylvania, 1953) had already been living out our values of truth, courage, faith and power. From a very young age, he committed to making an impact on society through a life of excellence and he continually works to instill his values on those he encounters.

A member of the Bethany Society and the Order of the C--, he is grateful to know that our Fraternity uses his gifts to provide essential member training. “We learned how to be good leaders and that is one of life’s most important lessons.” Trout’s wife, Sandy, notes that generosity has a domino effect – “We hope this gift inspires people to give in return throughout their careers.”

Delt has given Trout a life of friendship no matter where he and Sandy have lived. Whether it be meeting his “best man” in the Omega Chapter, reconnecting with long-lost brothers, or befriending new faces around the country, Trout has always been eager to create new bonds of brotherhood. He credits the ability to make and connect with so many friends as one of Delt’s most commendable assets. Notable lifelong relationships have included Jim Bowersox, Don Kress, Alan Brackett and many others over the years. Recently, Trout reconnected with Bryan Weatherup, a Delt from San Diego who is now serving overseas in the military, proving that Delta Tau Delta is not just for undergraduates.

Sandy, a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison and member of Kappa Alpha Theta, quickly adopted and mimicked her husband’s love for and devotion to Delt. Though not a Delt herself, Sandy admires the lasting impact that it has, by claiming that it “gives you a small island in the great ocean of a university.”

Monroe E. Trout, M.D. recently made a generous gift to the Foundation to further its mission of enriching the lives of young Delts. We hope you will join Brother Trout by considering a transformative gift to the Delt Foundation at  

Donor Spotlight: Daniel A. Dungan, Texas Tech University

I am proud to serve as the current Chairman of the Delta Tau Delta Educational Foundation. Having served on the Foundation Board of Directors since 2015, I have witnessed the great strides that we have made over the past few years and know firsthand the impact the Delt Foundation has had on our young brothers. 

It is paramount that we commit our time, talent, and treasure to the work of developing men who live our Delt values and principles in their daily lives. Since the formal establishment of the Foundation in 1981, we have truly advanced the fraternal movement; however, we must continue to be innovative and aspire to achieve even loftier goals.

I hope you will join me in making a conscious decision to incorporate Delta Tau Delta in your daily life. Your involvement in our great Fraternity is critical to our continued success. I hope you will reach out to a lost brother, reconnect with your chapter or volunteer your time. Learn more about the great ways to get involved with the Foundation and make an impact at