How do I refer a man I think would make a good Delt?

Look for the specific chapter officer's contact information in the chapter directory. Send him your referral or email

I am concerned about my son being hazed. What is the Fraternity's position on this?

Delta Tau Delta strictly prohibits hazing by its members and chapters. If you have information about hazing at a local chapter, we urge you to contact the chief chapter development officer.

I have concerns about my son's housing situation. Who do I call?

Are the possessions my son brings to the Fraternity house insured by the chapter or the house?

No. Your son's personal possession are treated no differently than they would be if he were a renter at an apartment. The Fraternity strongly recommends all members living in shelters purchase renters insurance. It is generally inexpensive and will cover all your son's personal belongings.

I want to submit an article for the magazine, how do I do that?

Send any information for The Rainbow to

How do I start a Delt chapter on my campus?

There is a lot that goes into an expansion on the national level. First, we must develop a good relationship with the host institution. Many questions must be answered. Is the university open for expansion? What is the state of the Greek community? Are there risk management challenges which may present a hurdle for us in the future? Student interest must be gauged. In short, is there an opportunity for us to tap into a yet unrepresented demographic? We also must examine the state of the volunteer resources in the area and their willingness to support a colony via direct volunteer efforts (weekly meetings, goal setting, etc.). Learn more about the options and process.

Where can I get the Coat of Arms?

Please contact the director of brand communications to request a high-resolution copy.

Can I use the DTD marks or Coat of Arms?

If you are using a licensed vendor you are welcome to have the marks reproduced. Visit for a list of licensed vendors.

Who is in control of the Fraternity house?

Fraternity housing is controlled locally and is not controlled by the national Fraternity. If you have a housing concern you should contact the local House Corporation. The chapter president should be able to give you the contact information. If he cannot, you may contact the Fraternity staff and we can assist you.

As a parent, how can I learn more?

Contact for more information. 

I am an alumnus and want to get involved. How do I do this?

Find the closest chapter to you in the chapter directory. Or, you may contact the assistant director of volunteer engagement and training to learn more about chapter volunteer opportunities.

How do I find contact information for local volunteers working with each chapter?

Please search our chapter directory.

I have questions or concerns about my son's Delt experience. Who should I contact?

Do all Delt chapter houses have house moms?

No. In fact, very few do. It is a question your son should ask during recruitment, but it is not uncommon for Fraternity houses to be without house moms. 

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