Become a Delt

If you are a young man committed to leading a life of excellence, Delta Tau Delta is the perfect brotherhood to help you grow. By placing our values of truth, courage, faith and power at the core of your life, your opportunities will be boundless. Growing with a group of like-minded men committed to the same ideals fosters friendships and experiences that will forever change your life. Membership in Delta Tau Delta will help you lead a life of excellence.

There are two ways a young man can become a Delt:
  1. If you are on a campus where a Delt chapter currently exists, search for the chapter and reach out to one of its officers. They will happily meet with you to discuss membership in Delta Tau Delta.

  2. If a chapter does not exist on your campus, you might have the opportunity to found a new Delt chapter. Each year, Delta Tau Delta starts new colonies on campuses around the United States. Many of these groups become some of the organization’s finest. Being a founding father is a great challenge and a great honor. If you are up to the challenge, contact Delta Tau Delta.


Find a Local Chapter

Are you interested in joining the Delt brotherhood? We've compiled a complete alphabetical listing of chapters by state. 

Find a Chapter

Start a Chapter

If there is not yet a Delta Tau Delta chapter on your campus, consider starting one. Speak with your school's Fraternity advisor to discuss the possibilities of fraternity expansion and contact the Delta Tau Delta for more information about expansion opportunities and the colonization process.