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PresX is focused on transferable leadership skills that will make you a strong leader both in your presidency and after. PresX is the opportunity to practice skills and be given feedback by coaches and peer leaders before taking those skills back to your chapter. With all chapter presidents in one location, you will also build a community of support to start the year.

When & Where:

2022 dates and location to be announced soon.

Basic Info:

President will be placed in groups of similar chapters/institution types. PresX is free for all presidents.

Who will attend:

All chapter presidents are expected to participate in the Presidents Excellence Institute (PresX). Through application-based training, presidents learn to become more effective leaders, develop personal officer goals and design a framework for chapter success. 


Travel costs are covered by the Fraternity. Those whose chapters are a five-hour or less drive from the camp are expected to drive. Those who travel by air will book their flights through Delta Tau Delta’s online reservation system. Detailed travel information including arrival/departure dates and times will be announced soon.

How did Presidents Benefit from PresX

Small group cohorts intentionally grouped chapter presidents from chapters of similar size, institution type, or other factors influencing the chapters current culture. These groupings yielded some of the best feedback across the program evaluation.

  • 98% of students agreed the small group positively impacted their learning
  • 95% agreed that if given the opportunity, they would choose to be in the same small group again.

Among the seven program objectives, participants indicated they were positively affected in six of the areas: “Identifying Problems”, “Critical Thinking to Create Solutions,” “See Something, Say Something, Do Something,” “Positive Organizational Culture and Facilitating Culture Change,” “Creating and Managing Expectations,” “Maintaining and Managing Relationships.” Moving forward, staff will revise the program for greater results in “Boundary Setting and Self-Care.” Overall, notable outcomes include:

  • 93% Agree – PresX improved my ability to identify problems within the chapter.
  • 90% Agree – I feel more confident in critically thinking of solutions to problems.
  • 95% Agree – PresX improved my ability to respond to issues as they arise.
  • 92% Agree – I feel more confident in developing a positive chapter culture.
  • 96% Agree – I feel more confident in developing and managing team expectations.
  • 95% Agree – I feel more confident in developing and managing relationships with the team.