Welcome Parents

Delta Tau Delta is proud your son is considering becoming or has become one of the newest members of our Fraternity. As a parent you want your son to have a college experience that exceptional, safe and rewarding. Our hope is the Fraternity will become a complement to his college education, as its core values of truth, courage, faith and power seek to educate men and inspire maturity.

Like all parents, you are eager to see your son succeed. And like many, you might not be fully aware of the benefits a fraternity can provide. Statistics show a significantly higher proportion of fraternity men graduate from college than compared to students who do not join a fraternity.

Whether his school is across town or across the country you want him to have a home away from home where he can continue to develop life skills and real-world skills not available in a classroom setting while he focuses on his academics.

Fraternities provide opportunities for leadership development through chapter officer positions, athletic teamwork, and involvement in community service projects, group activities and social interaction with other students, faculty and Delt alumni. The result? A more meaningful, useful and well-rounded education. From the day a member accepts his bid to the day he graduates from college, Delta Tau Delta’s member education program, The Road: The Journey to Excellence gives direction and purpose to create a distinctive Fraternity experience.

Delta Tau Delta is one of the most innovative and progressive organizations on college campuses throughout the United States. Founded by eight men in 1858, more than 170,000 college men have accepted membership into Delta Tau Delta and have committed themselves to lives of excellence. Many are successful leaders in business, industry and professional endeavors around the globe.

Before your son left for college you were involved in his daily life and as a parent of a Delta Tau Delta member, you should remain interested in your son’s activities. Ask him about his experience with the fraternity and opportunities to attend events the chapter may host for parents. Please call the Delta Tau Delta Central Office at 317-284-0203 if you have general questions or concerns.

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Mission and Values

Our destination is our MISSION: Committed to Lives of Excellence

Our decisions are based on our VALUES:

  • Truth, Courage, Faith and Power are our Foundation
  • Integrity is Essential
  • Accountability is Fundamental to ALL Commitments
  • Life-Long Learning and Growth are Vital
  • Strengthening Community is Essential to Our Vitality
  • Brotherhood Sustains Us

Based on our four fundamental principles Delta Tau Delta seeks men willing to push themselves to a higher level.

TRUTH ensures vitality in the relationship an organization maintains with the outside world. Without truth, there is no trust. To become brothers, men must be truthful to themselves and to one another.

COURAGE takes heart. Courage allows us to navigate the difficult situations and decisions we face in life. Through courage, we better understand our options and can then make the best decisions, regardless of the popularity of these choices.

FAITH is belief. It means trusting oneself and believing actions taken are appropriate and right. Faith helps inform decisions through an investment of trust. A lack of faith drives a wedge through an organization as well as friendships.

POWER is represented by inner strength and is a combination of talents, inherent abilities and wisdom. Power is amplified when individuals unite in brotherhood. When combined with courage, faith and truth, the power of an organization leads its members into a future filled with success.

Living according to a defined set of values is challenging; it requires self-control and perseverance. It takes a commitment to lifelong learning, civic engagement and academic excellence.

The values of Delta Tau Delta are not for everyone, but for those who recognize a commonality of purpose, they are the basis for a lifetime of learning and development. 

Anti-hazing Policy

Hazing is a practice with no value or virtue and as such, has no place within the Delt community. Because hazing in any form goes against the values of Delta Tau Delta, we have an absolute, no-tolerance policy regarding any act of hazing.

Men of Delta Tau Delta live and learn through the Delt Creed, which strives to educate young men while inspiring maturity. And, because Delta Tau Delta is an organization committed to lives of excellence, we stand firmly alongside other Greek men and women who have pledged themselves to ending hazing on college campuses. Collectively, we support an anti-hazing hotline (1-888-not-haze) that provides a way for suspected hazing to be reported.