To assist undergraduates and volunteers, this Fraternity resource page focuses on helping keep everyone safe throughout this rapidly evolving public health crisis. Resources will be updated as new information becomes available.

Delta Tau Delta understands undergraduate leaders will need to adjust the way they operate this upcoming academic year. Below you will find the Fraternity’s expectations and tips for each area of chapter operations.

To assist members, here is a checklist for undergraduate leaders to utilize that outlines ways to prepare for the 2020-2021 academic year. The Fraternity advises all presidents and advisors to review the content on this website, the checklist linked above and then together identify the next steps to prepare for this fall.

Every institution is operating under its own unique circumstances. This may mean every question may not be answered. Please do not hesitate to contact the Central Office with any questions you may have. The Fraternity’s staff is here to help and welcomes all feedback. Here is a listing for the chapter support coordinators that will work with every chapter and the leadership consultant working with each colony.

Covid-19 Campus Map

Key: Dark Green markers are schools operating Fully In-Person. Light Green markers are schools operating Primarily In-Person with some courses online. Orange markers are schools operating on a Hybrid model. Dark Blue markers are schools operating Fully Online. Light Blue markers are schools operating Primarily Online with some courses in-person. Dark Grey markers are schools with Other operating methods. Light Grey markers are school operations that are still TBD.