Many of the colleges and universities where Delta Tau Delta has chapters have responded to the growing threat of the Coronavirus by moving to online classes. The Arch Chapter and Central Office staff continue to monitor the impact that these decisions have on our members in terms of campus housing and chapter programming. In all cases, we want to ensure that our chapters comply with the guidelines and directives of their host institutions. The safety of our members is of the utmost importance.

To assist our undergraduates and volunteers, we have assembled a list of resources to help keep everyone safe throughout this rapidly evolving public health crisis. We will continue to update these resources as new information becomes available.

Covid-19 Campus Map

Key: Blue markers are schools with Intentions for in-person operations. Yellow markers are schools undecided on Fall operations. Orange markers are schools with no statement yet. Green markers are schools with hybrid operations. Black markers are schools with remote operations. Purple markers are schools with delayed In-Person operations.

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Just because many of us are now a great distance apart, doesn’t mean the Fraternity stops. In fact, the Fraternity is more valuable now than ever. While the way you experience the Fraternity might change, the value will not decrease.

We will begin a live webcast two days at a week at 4 p.m. EDT on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. As your CEO, I will be live on Fridays to provide a weekly Fraternity update. Monday and Wednesday will be topical interviews with our alumni. A big thank you to the men below who will provide value to our members for the next six weeks. These Delt Talks will be accessible via Zoom. Please tune in and encourage those in your network to join. We will send reminders in the coming week via social media and email.

Delt Talks

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Fireside Chats

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