Educational Philosophy

Delta Tau Delta educational programs provide ongoing personal development for our members, allowing them to explore living the mission and values of the Fraternity. We are an organization that encourages members to evaluate their knowledge, realize their aspirations and become lifelong learners through their involvement in our activities and programs. Through collaboration with interfraternal and higher education partners, we use diverse learning tactics to complement the life experiences of each member to maximize their personal growth. As a result of these programs, members strengthen their commitment to the Fraternity and learn skills to positively impact their chapter, campus, local and global communities.

Academic Emphasis

Lifelong learning and growth are vital. To Delta Tau Delta this is more than just a value statement. It is who we are. Delts were among the first Fraternities to include an academic officer among its board of directors – the Arch Chapter. The NorthAmerican Interfraternity Conference – the umbrella organization supporting most American fraternities – requires its members to adopt a 2.30 minimum grade point average for initiation. In 2012, Delta Tau Delta voted to require its new members achieve a 2.50 GPA prior to initiation. As has been the case throughout its history, Delta Tau Delta holds its members to a higher standard.

In the spring of 2019 among 96 campuses reporting GPA, 57 Delt chapters or colonies were above the all-men’s average on campus and 53 Delt chapters or colonies were above the all-fraternity average. Delta Tau Delta ranked in the top three fraternities academically on 68 campuses and was number one at 17 schools.

Due to the changes in GPA submissions at the university level, the Fraternity does not yet have GPA data from the 2019-2020 academic year.

Available Scholarships

More and more college students must work their way through school, creating greater strain on their academic career and leaving little room for outside activities. As a result, many students overlook Greek life as a way to enhance their college experience. The Delta Tau Delta Educational Foundation is pleased to offer alumni-supported scholarship programs.

Scholarship gifts to the Delta Tau Delta Educational Foundation help attract and retain students. By offering a variety of scholarships for undergraduate and professional work, the Fraternity remains competitive in the Greek world. We encourage alumni to consider endowing scholarships for their own chapters or contribute to a fund already in place.

Available Scholarships

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