When a young alumnus begins work as a chapter consultant he gets the opportunity to work for the Fraternity we all love. While an invaluable experience, there is the opportunity to gain professional development that can pay dividends to the next step in his career. Scroll down to learn about a few highlights of chapter consultant experiences during their summer training. In addition to these opportunities chapter consultants also receive training in the following areas:

  • Finances and budgeting
  • Organizational operations
  • Recruitment
  • Risk management
  • Facilitation
  • Ritual education

Bunnell Idea Group (BIG)

BIG was created by former Delta Tau Delta leadership consultant, Mo Bunnell (Ball State University, 1990). Almost 20 years ago, Mo was a healthcare actuarial consultant. He had just passed all 24 actuarial exams, earning the highest designation as a Fellow of the Society of Actuaries. He was a technical expert in his field of healthcare consulting. Upon a career change, however, Mo needed to expand his skill set to become a seller-expert. BIG defines seller-experts as professionals that have one foot in leading extremely technical work and the other in growing a practice, service or product portfolio. Mo had to continue to deliver highly technical services that demanded a good portion of his time and do business development to grow the business.

BIG developed a system that turns business development into a skill that anyone can learn and implement easily. Its methodology is comprehensive – it consists of over 600 pages and 17 modules covering every aspect of business development, including lead generation, creating demand for a product or service, investing in clients, meeting preparation, and relationship development.

Through its primary service – the GrowBIG® System – it helps professionals learn how to manage both delivery and growth by implementing new processes and skills that help keep business development top of mind. As experts with diverse backgrounds in business development training, coaching, and consulting, BIG works with clients to structure the way these skills and processes are implemented for any organization, small and large, and for any industry. BIG has trained over 10,000 professionals at over 300 organizations.

Chapter consultants will attend a three-day GrowBIG® public training class in Atlanta, Ga. During the class, they will receive high-level business development and sales training alongside leaders in various industries. The content in the course helps prepare consultants for the expansion projects they will work on for the Fraternity. For the individual consultant, however, it also provides communication skills applicable to a wide variety of professional industries and an invaluable networking opportunity.

Bunnell Idea Group

Designing a Career Path

The leadership consultant position is one of a unique first step a young professional can make to starting his career. Delta Tau Delta realizes at some point the leadership consultant will have to park the company car and make a shift in his career. Because of this the Fraternity partners with career and life coach, Lindsay Boccardo, who specializes in working with young professionals.

Passionate about helping people make bold moves into the real world, Lindsay earned her coaching certification through the International Coach Federation. She has been coaching, researching and developing programs for young professionals for nearly a decade. She loves working with young people and the organizations who employ them.

Throughout her career, she has partnered with Cars.com, Internbridge and the Indiana Supreme Court. She’s coached hundreds of young professionals and consulted with start-ups and well-established companies.

In their time working with Lindsay, leadership consultants will learn:

  • A proven four-step system for designing your career
  • Specific action steps they can take to find your dream job (hint: it’s not looking at online career search engines)
  • Tips from HR leaders on how to build a resume so it stands out
  • How to break the “system” and slip to the front of the line with job applications

In addition, leadership consultants will discuss how to take the experience of working for a fraternity and translate it into traditional business terms others will understand.

Lindsay Boccardo

The Leadership and Training Studio

Erin Fischer is the owner and CEO of The Leadership and Training Studio. She has spoken in 45 states, recruited in Hungary, volunteered in Hawaii, taught in Brazil and has been on stages with thousands of people in the audience, all with the focus of developing people while building teams and organizations.

Erin considers herself a leadership nerd – a woman on a mission to help teams and individuals excel at what they do. Her forum is the stage, but her focus is super-cognitive skills. She wants to support the growth of people by giving them time to think, reflect and gain new knowledge.

Leadership consultants will receive training from Erin to develop facilitation and presentations skills. How do you get in front of groups and consistently deliver the right message time and again? Whether you have a fear of creating credibility, answering tough questions, or building quick connections, you will learn how to overcome these fears with practical tips and techniques that will put you in the position to deliver with success each time.

The Leadership and Training Studio