Volunteering with the Fraternity can be a valuable part of the Delta Tau Delta experience. The strength of Delta Tau Delta as an abiding influence in the lives of her members is derived from the volunteers that serve her. Volunteers are the Fraternity’s greatest asset in the advancement of the Mission and Values of Delta Tau Delta as volunteers provide continuity in chapter operations and programming. Delta Tau Delta volunteers serve as role models and trusted advisors, forever impacting the men they mentor. Continue the journey – give your time and talent to contribute to the leadership of men around the country.




The experience as a Delt volunteer has been termed the most difficult and most rewarding of all positions within the Fraternity. Volunteers have the potential to change the lives of dozens of men. What is unique, however, to volunteers of Delta Tau Delta, is the benefit. To a man, our volunteers will concede that they have gained far more than they have given. Either in the development of leadership skills, the networking potential of other volunteers or simply the satisfaction gained by watching a young man develop into a polished graduate, the benefit is immeasurable. Contact the Fraternity's director of alumni recruitment to learn how you become a Delt volunteer.