Keith’s Consultant Story

February 1, 2023

I was lucky enough to be hired as a field secretary for Delta Tau Delta upon graduation from Allegheny College in the spring of 1973. Over the next two years, I visited Delt Chapters from Maine to California, from Florida to North Dakota and most places in between. Every three to five days I would drive to a new campus and a new set of Delts with a completely different set of challenges. This experience largely shaped my view of the United States and provided skills I still use every day in my professional life.  Key skills of active listening, persuasion, adaptability, public speaking and humility came with responsibility and independence given to very few 22-year-old young men. The experience inspired me and provided the opportunity to stay involved with the Fraternity all my life. My early mentors were Al Sheriff  (Washington & Jefferson College, 1949) and Ed Heminger (Ohio Wesleyan University, 1948), both field secretaries. I was inspired by John Fisher (University of Tennessee, 1938), Gene Hibbs (University of Kansas, 1933) and Bud Murphy (Pennsylvania State University, 1938), all field men from the 1930s. I now serve on the Foundation Board with Dan Dungan (Texas Tech University, 1979), Danny Stith (Oklahoma State University, 1978), Greg Kazarian (University of Illinois, 1984) and Steve Vilks (University of Minnesota, 1981), all of whom served as field men along with John Hancock (Whitman College, 1984) and Scott Heydt (Moravian College) on the Arch Chapter, also field men. Our shared commitment to Delta Tau Delta was forged by our travels to Delt Chapters and our work to help chapters succeed.

Two years of traveling to over 90 campuses helped me decide to pursue an MBA at Ohio University.  I served Beta Chapter as a live-in, graduate resident advisor. My consulting skills were put to the test as the chapter was down to 12 members. With a core group of six, we recruited 45 new members over the school year and restored the chapter to viability. I was able to eventually finish my MBA as part of the Fraternity Central Office staff. Along the way, many of the Delts I met provided advice, encouragement and support. My 32-year career with UBS Financial Services has focused on serving the investment management needs of non-profit organizations including a number of fraternity and sorority educational foundations. This is a direct result of my service to Delta Tau Delta and the consulting skills I learned serving the Fraternity.  It is hard to overestimate all the benefits to my personal and professional life that have accrued from a great opportunity offered decades ago.  I will always be grateful to Delta Tau Delta for the opportunity to serve as a chapter consultant.