Logistics to Prepare

There are a few things the chapter or colony can do to prepare to maximize the impact of the consultant’s visit. One of the most important areas to prepare for is ironing out logistics prior to his arrival. The chapter or colony president should communicate with the consultant at least one week before his arrival.

• Parking – Let the consultant know where he should park. This could be at the chapter house (if applicable) or a space on campus.

• Meeting Schedule – Please ensure all required and suggested officers have scheduled their meetings with the chapter consultant.

• Fraternity and Sorority Life Advisor – Let the consultant know where the fraternity and sorority life advisor’s office is, and how he can get there for his meeting.

• Scheduling the Consultant Visit – Consultants begin making their schedules 3-4 months in advance if the chapter has a preferred time for him to come or busy times on campus he should avoid please contact the director of chapter services four months prior to the start of the semester. Director of Chapter Service – Doug Russell; doug.russell@delts.org