The Arch Chapter made the decision to move the 2020 Karnea from a four-day in-person event to a summer-long celebration. More information will arrive in the coming weeks but prepare for a summer of leadership, brotherhood and fun.

Karnea business will be held virtually. We ask all members and delegates to keep the original dates of Karnea open as we are still working on the timeline for the virtual business session. The Arch Chapter and staff are working to determine the systems and technology that will support the virtual business session.

Opening business session: Saturday, June 27 at 2 p.m. EDT
Closing business session: Saturday, August 8 at 2 p.m. EDT

Please check the FAQ here regularly for updates on the greatest of all Delt events.

We look forward to coming together and celebrating this newest version of Delta Tau Delta’s Karnea.

Karnea FAQ

How will I participate?

Karnea programs will be available online for all members this summer between the opening business session on June 27 and the closing business session on Aug. 8. Visit the programming page to learn about opportunities related to career development, chapter operations, health and wellness, leadership and skills and alumni.

Karnea Programming

The opening and closing business session will be available to both delegates and non-members. All members are invited to watch through the live stream on Facebook.

DELEGATES: If you are a registered delegate, you have already received instructions on how to log in, make motions and vote. Look for the email you received on June 24 from (If you are a registered delegate and did not receive the email please contact

NON-DELEGATES: Members who are not delegates are invited to attend the opening and closing business sessions which will be live-streamed on the Fraternity's Facebook page. There no is registration for non-delegates. 

Will I get a T-shirt?

Even though Karnea is virtual, delegates will still get a Karnea t-shirt. On July 1, Delt will launch a new official store provided by G-Merch. When the store launches, you will get an email with instructions to select your size, provide a shipping address and order a shirt. Don’t worry, everything will be completely free, including shipping. Additional shirts will be available for purchase after July 1.

How will contested elections work?

The voting process is self-contained within the delegate portal. All motions, voting and otherwise will be available to delegates via the delegate portal. If you are a delegate look for the email you received from (If you are a registered delegate and did not receive the email please contact

How will awards be presented?

Awards will be presented during the first week of August via social media. While we will miss the opportunity to present recognition in person, it still important to recognize the excellent work of our members and chapters.

What will my participation look like at a virtual Karnea?

If you are a delegate you will get a set of instructions to participate. If you are not a delegate and you want to watch the opening and closing business sessions please tune into our Facebook page on Saturday, June 27 at 2 p.m. EDT for the opening session and Saturday, August 8, at 2 p.m. EDT for the closing business session. 

All members are encouraged to participate in Karnea programs throughout the summer. To learn more visit the programming page. 

Can my whole chapter participate?

All members may view the business sessions on Facebook live and any member can participate in the programs scheduled each week between the opening business session and the closing business session.

How do I make motions and vote?

Delegates will have a unique login and will be able to make motions and vote online during the business sessions.

How will credentials work?

All delegates must be registered by noon EDT on Thursday, July 25. Delegates with credentials will not attend the business meetings through the live stream on Facebook but will have a unique login.

Will there be speakers?

For Karnea programming visit the Virtual Karnea Programming page where you will find learn about opportunities related career development, chapter operations, health and wellness, leadership and skills and alumni.


How will committees work?

Committees will officially begin their work after the opening session on June 27. Committee Chairs and committee members have been identified. Committee chairs will present their work at the final business session on August 8.

  • Nominations Chairman: Travis Rockey (University of Florida, 1973)
  • Constitution and Laws Chairman: Ryan Caldwell (University of Nebraska at Kearney, 2002
  • Audit and Finance Chairman: Charlie Johnson, (University of Southern Mississippi, 1993)
  • Credentials Chairman: Dave Hammon (Missouri University of Science and Technology, 2002)
  • Advancement of the Fraternity Chairman: Ray Ocampo (University of Oregon, 2007)
  • Ritual Review Chairman: Alfred Kuzov (Texas A&M University-Commerce, 2002)

Can we really have a virtual Karnea?

Yes–without question. Delta Tau Delta believes the purpose of Karnea is to bring brothers together for connection, education and inspiration. Like many other organizations have discovered, we know we can accomplish these things in a virtual format. Additionally, some of the core organizational business conducted at Karnea, such as legislation and elections, can also be effectively completed virtually.

What will happen if I already registered and paid for Karnea?

Anyone already registered will receive a 100% refund of their payment.  

Why should I care? Isn’t Karnea an alumni event?

Karnea is more than an alumni event. Karnea is the biennial mechanism by which the members change the governing documents of the organization. The Karnea is where we elect Arch Chapter members for the next two years. More than 2/3 of all delegates are undergraduates. We are still an undergraduate-led organization and your participation is critical for the future of the Fraternity. 

Will a Karnea in Phoenix be rescheduled?

We would like to explore returning to Phoenix in the future. That will depend upon discussions with the hotel and its future availability.   

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