William Fraering Award

Awarded to younger alumni who have rendered at least three years of outstanding service to Delta Tau Delta including, but not limited to, chapter advisors, alumni chapter presidents, house corporation members and division vice presidents. 

Named in honor of former international president William J. Fraering (Tulane, 1946). He was elected the 34th president of Delta Tau Delta at the 1978 Karnea in his hometown of New Orleans, where he was president of a food brokerage firm. Sadly, his days as president and his life were cut short less than a year later. He answered the doorbell at his home on a Sunday in New Orleans and was greeted by two armed men who demanded entry. Realizing these individuals could bring great harm to his family, Bill stepped outside, closing and locking the door behind him. Angered, they shot and killed him on the front steps of his home. A man could do no better than to receive an award named in memory of this outstanding Delt.  

Eligibility is limited to alumni in the first 15 years following graduation.

Edwin Heminger Interfraternal Leadership Award

Awarded biennially at the Karnea for interfraternal service. Presented to an individual who has demonstrated the same dedication, interfraternal spirit and zeal as Edwin L. Heminger (Ohio Wesleyan, 1948), former president of Delta Tau Delta and of the North-American Interfraternity Conference.

Alfred Sheriff Award

Presented annually to one outstanding chapter advisor who demonstrates the qualities of former Executive Vice President Alfred P. Sheriff, III (Washington and Jefferson, 1949). Those qualities are the ability to be a principle-centered role model, unwavering dedication to the Fraternity at large, and humble service to others.

John Nichols Bridge Builder Award

Awarded to alumni who have rendered at least three years of outstanding service to the establishment, development, or enhancement of a house corporation. The number of awards should be limited to 10 a year for the entire Fraternity. Nominations may be made by an undergraduate chapter, alumni chapter, or by individual alumni through the respective division president. The regional governor then forwards his recommendation to the Awards Committee. The award is to be presented at Karnea, division conferences, a special Delt gathering such as a chapter Founders Day event.

Limited to 10 awards per year, nominations may be made by an undergraduate chapter, alumni chapter, or by an individual alumnus through the respective regional governor.  

James Eaton Outstanding Recent Graduate Award

This award is intended to recognize recent graduates in good standing who have been alumni for five years or less. Nominees should demonstrate noteworthy career achievement or have rendered a particularly beneficial service to the international Fraternity.

William McLaughlin Award for Heroism

Intended to recognize exceptional heroism by members of the Fraternity. It is named for William L. McLaughlin (Ohio Wesleyan, 1906) for his exceptional bravery in rescuing victims of an infamous Chicago theater fire in 1906, which resulted in his own death.

James O. Selzer Award

Award for Outstanding Involvement with the Fraternity philanthropy partner, JDRF

Instituted at the New Orleans Karnea in 2014.

Distinguished Service Chapter

The Fraternity's highest award for outstanding service, citation to the Distinguished Service Chapter (DSC), is conferred upon alumni who have been actively loyal to the Fraternity for at least 20 years, rendered some unusual service to the Fraternity or its local region, and evidenced personal characteristics and habits which have been and are "worthy of all acceptance" by the Fraternity and society at large.

Badge of Honor

The Badge of Honor in the Central Courtyard of the international headquarters includes the founders, international presidents, and Delts who have provided extraordinary service to Delta Tau Delta. Candidates for the Badge of Honor, other than former international presidents, must receive the unanimous vote of the Arch Chapter and the board of directors of the Delta Tau Delta Educational Foundation. 


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