The Greatest of All Virtual Events Karnea 2020

The Virtual Karnea of 2020 was a biennial convention like no other and it was more accessible than ever with members logging in from across the country. Originally scheduled to take place in Phoenix from Aug. 5-9, Karnea became a virtual event due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Arch Chapter voted on the move in late April. At the time of the vote 54th International President Steve Paquette said the number one priority is the safety of members. “As the Arch Chapter considered the information available, we simply could not justify the risk involved in asking our members to travel at a time when many people are sick and suffering,” Paquette said.

The date of Karnea has only been changed one other time when the Arch Chapter moved the 1945 Karnea to 1946 to accommodate the United States’ response to World War II. Unlike the move in 1945, however, the Fraternity was able to hold Karnea in an alternative format.

With the opening business session online on June 27, 2020, Karnea kicked off a six-week celebration. For business meetings, delegates logged in to a customized platform to make motions, discuss business and vote, while members-at-large followed along through Facebook live.

The Nominations, Constitution and Laws, Audit and Finance, Credentials, Advancement of the Fraternity and Ritual Review Committees completed their work virtually. Final copies of legislation will be provided to each chapter.

From his home in Syracuse, New York International President Steve Paquette presided over the election of new members of the Arch Chapters during the final business session of Karnea on August 8. The convention body elected new members of the Arch Chapter for the next biennium, including 55th International President Bruce Peterson who was at the Fishers- Nichols Memorial Headquarters in Fishers, Ind. where the closing business session was produced and broadcast. The newly elected Arch Chapter officers include:

  • International President Bruce Peterson (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, 1975)
  • International Vice President Rosario Palmieri (American University, 1996)
  • International Second Vice President Anthony Albanese (American University, 1996)
  • International Treasurer Charles “Tiger” Edward (Southeastern Louisiana University, 1973)
  • International Secretary Bryan Adams (University of Maine, 2007)
  • International Director of Member Development Ashley Wollam (Marietta College, 2008)

Bruce Peterson (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, 1975) was elected the 55th international president of the Fraternity during the Virtual Karnea. 


The Fraternity hosted a virtual gathering in lieu of the traditional AAA/DSC luncheon. Alumni Achievement Awards and Distinguished Service Chapter citations will be presented at a later date.

Programs and Education

Throughout the summer undergraduates and alumni participated in a series of programs covering career development, chapter operations, health and wellness, leadership and skills and programs specifically for alumni. The Delt Foundation funded a portion of Karnea programs. Learn more about the programs. 

Delt Foundation Virtual Gala

In conjunction with the Virtual Karnea, on July 11, 2020, the Delta Tau Delta Educational Foundation celebrated the accomplishments of the past biennium with a virtual gala. Serving as emcee, Vince A. Russo (Robert Morris University, 2017) brought to life a delightful event that included appearances by Foundation scholarship and fellowship recipients, alumni dignitaries, Foundation president Steve K. Vedra (Butler University, 2002) and even Super Bowl MVP Mark R. Rypien (Washington State University, 1985).

The highlight of the evening was a tribute to Foundation award recipients Norval B. Stephens (DePauw University, 1951) and his wife Diane, Ashley J. Wollam (Marietta College, 2008), and Justin A. Williamson (Southeastern Louisiana University, 2015). Additionally, the evening featured talented musical guest Anil Salem (The College of New Jersey, 2018) and a virtual cocktail hour with a signature beverage recipe list curated by Foundation vice president of finance and operations Maurie J. Phelan. More than 100 attendees came together to enjoy fellowship and brotherhood and to further the mission of the Delta Tau Delta Educational Foundation through the lighthearted gala.

Programs and Education Overview

Career Development

  • 5-Year Plan Competition
    • An opportunity for upperclassmen to begin to transition to life beyond their undergraduate career through developing a personal strategic plan. The plan focuses on three areas: Career, Community, and personal. Developing their plan involved a combination of self-directed reflection, peer feedback, and valuable feedback from Delt volunteers. Winners were chosen based on their composite score from volunteer evaluations. Beyond their plans, the time spent with other participants and their volunteers served as valuable relationships and Delts enter the next stage of their lives.
  • Articulating the Value of Your Fraternity Experience
    • Recruitment, onboarding new members, working in teams, living the values and mission of an organization, and much more about the experience translate directly to experiences you will see in the real world. This session demonstrated how to transfer skills in fraternity into first jobs and know-how to succeed in the job search.
  • Building an All-Start LinkedIn Account
    • Resources for optimizing career and internship searches and bringing your LinkedIn profile to life.
  • The Power of an Informational Interview
    • An informational interview is one of the most simple and powerful ways to network, find potential mentors and create potential opportunities and this overview addressed the key pieces to man informational interview and their impact.

Chapter Operations
  • State of Recruitment with Phired Up
    • Changes coming for fall recruitment, what Delt chapters are doing right now to adapt to recruit more of the best men on your campus even if recruitment is 100 percent digital this fall.
  • Recruitment Certification Demo and Q&A
  • You Can Help Change Lives
    • Supporting JDRF in its mission to accelerate life-changing breakthroughs to cure, prevent and treat T1D and its complications.
  • Creating a Chapter House Operation that will Thrive in the COVID-19 World
    • Implementing a strategic plan including recommended programs for operations, communications and financial management needed to address the challenges due to COVID-19. Additional focus on four critical strategies that alumni housing leaders should implement now to create a long-term housing program that is both sustainable and successful.
  • Rolling out the Next Era in Chapter Support
    • An introduction to the Fraternity's member services coordinator team helping with customized support in areas such as finances, recruitment, volunteer onboarding and officer training and transitions.
  • Save time, save money and make it easy with Omega Fi
    • Delt's technology partner shared how to maximize your partnership with the use of tools, features and functionality included with the adoption of Vault.

Health and Wellness
  • Asset-Based Approach to Masculinity (Aug. 6)
    • How understanding masculinity can help you motivate and play to the strengths of your members.
  • You Can Help a Brother: Recognizing and Responding to Brothers and Friends in Distress
    • Recognizing and Responding to Brothers and Friends in Distress: Delta Tau Delta is providing to members this school year. The resource is designed to help members:
      • Obtain an understanding of the current landscape of mental health in young adults.
      • Learn how to identify signs of distress in others.
      • Focus on what you can do to help a Brother or friend in distress and how to take action.
      • Be provided with resources and links on where to go for more support.
Leadership & Skills
  • Leading with the Mission and Values
    • How values-based decision making can help guide their chapters to be in congruence with the Fraternity Mission and Values.
  • Assessing and Applying Your Creative Type
    • Understanding yourself, your creative process and your potential.
  • Alumni CEO Panel – Leadership Today
    • Senior Vice President, The Coca-Cola Company, and President, Coca-Cola North America Jim Dinkins (University of Georgia,1984) and Great Clips CEO Steve Hockett (University of South Dakota,1983) discussed the skills, attributes and attitude it takes to lead a company today and what role leadership plays as well try to make sense of the ever-changing world.
  • Multiculturalism, Empathy and Four Fundamental Principles
    • A panel of Delt undergraduates and alumni from a variety of backgrounds discussed how their own experiences in the search for social and/or racial justice have shaped their lives—and how, through their journey toward personal courage, faith and power, they are able to learn and live their truth and what we others can offer in the way of understanding, caring and compassion.
  • Delt Life After Graduation
    • An all-star panel of Delt alumni shared ways they stay connected with the Fraternity and brothers—and how others can do the same.
  • Leading with Insight
    • Volunteers who attended the 2019 Volunteer Coaching Summit and opted-in for re-assessing their coaching skills explored where they’ve grown as coaches, set their sights on what skills they will develop next, and got answers to questions regarding their 360-degree assessment, coaching, or challenges they face as leaders or advisors.
  • Alumni & Volunteer Town Hall
    • Updates on the Fraternity's ongoing commitment to improving the alumni and volunteer experience, Fraternity news, and upcoming initiatives.
  • Creating Powerful Connections
    • Participants explore a fresh perspective on the role of the volunteer, hurdles that cause many volunteers to stumble and a framework for creating stronger connections with our students—or anyone they seek to support, guide or influence.