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This issue includes stories about Delts with a passion for music. Scroll down to read the stories or click the button to read the issue.

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David Baker the
Music Maker

Baker's journey from getting started to becoming a multi-platinum award-winning recording and mixing

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It’s nearly impossible to fit all of the amazing Delt musicians into one issue of The Rainbow. We created a Spotify playlist with the featured artists from this issue and more Delt musicians.

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Sad Boy Music with
Noah Henderson

Sad Boy music maker Noah Henderson launched his music career with a couple of Christmas singles in Dec. 2020. While developing his sound and making music outside of his favorite holiday, Henderson is enjoying the journey of creating music he loves. 

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Brian D’Angio Drummer for  SWIM 

SWIM, the four-piece pop-rock band, came together in 2014 with the addition of Brian D’Angio as the band’s drummer. 

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A Compact

The five-disc changer Chris Wisbrock got for Christmas in 1989 sparked his passion for collecting music. 

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More Member Musicians

The passion for music runs deep for these Delts. 

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