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Compass is the Fraternity’s personal leadership development program focusing on CliftonStrengths and emotional intelligence (EQ). This program results in meaningful learning for participants:

  • 91% can identify their top 5 CliftonStrengths.
  • 88% understand how their CliftonStrengths influence their behavior.
  • 82% understand how their CliftonStrengths can improve their emotional intelligence

What are participants saying about Compass? Check out responses from the Compass post-assessment:

“Compass was extremely effective as a program. I truly enjoyed the opportunities to meet … while also having a lot of time for fun and brotherhood. The opportunity to have time to connect with Central Office staff and chapter consultants is invaluable and allows us to get to know them and really see the value of fraternity.”

“Most fun national Delt event I’ve been to so far.” 

Compass 2024

Thursday, Jan. 4 - Sunday, Jan. 7, 2024

T Bar M Camp, New Braunfels, Texas 

ANY AND ALL MEMBERS (besides chapter presidents who will attend PresX) are invited to participate in Compass. Compass is free for participants, but space is limited to the first 150 to register.

NOTE: Compass curriculum is best suited for those most interested in learning more about who they are and how they can better lead through their CliftonStrengths. The experience is rooted in conversations about emotional intelligence, vulnerability and fostering deeper bonds of brotherhood.

Compass is Delta Tau Delta's personal development experience focused on providing participants with the skills and tools needed to be successful on campus and in life. Compass is rooted in the concepts of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) which is the combination of three different concepts: consciousness of SELF, OTHERS, and CONTEXT. At Compass, we focus primarily on context of SELF - learning more about how you see yourself and how others see you. This is step one in developing better EQ.

Why EQ?

Research shows the overwhelmingly positive impact of a higher EQ in a variety of spaces:

  • Those who are better able to perceive and recognize others’ emotional status were better able to respond flexibly to changes in their own life, as well as build supportive social networks
  • EQ may account for 55 percent of the variation in higher scores (for areas such as wellbeing, effectiveness, quality of life, and relationships)
  • There is a direct relationship between higher emotional intelligence and overall performance in a global workforce population. The largest contributors to overall performance are related to taking responsibility for one’s personal actions, including a) overall optimism, hope and seeing possibilities in challenges and b) intrinsic motivation and the internal drive to do what needs to be done.

Compass helps our members succeed as they prepare to take on leadership roles, professional careers, and develop relationships within their community - always remembering they are their own Compass as they determine how they will forge their own future. This weekend experience has been intentionally designed to benefit all members, including non-officers and new members. The ideas and knowledge gained throughout the program give men a chance to holistically find their own way to be leaders and show up for one-another on a daily basis.

Year one attendance at Compass focuses on Consciousness of Self. We talk about who we are and how we see ourselves. We dive in deep with the CliftonStrengths assessment to first help us create a common language for how we show up in the world. We provide members with the opportunity to test their assumptions on how they believe others see them. We also provide many opportunities for practical reflection on topics that matter to our members and their communities, so they feel empowered to make real change when returning to campus. We achieve this goal by helping members lean into their raw talent, turning talent to strengths in all situations. 

Life of Excellence Domains 

Personal Leadership

  • Values
  • Identity
  • Talent
  • Self-Authorship

Professional Development:

  • Career Exploration
  • Relationship Building
  • Career Preparedness

Wellness & Well-Being:

  • Personal Wellness
  • Communal Wellness
Delt’s Five Dimensions of Wellness: Social, Emotional, Intellectual, Physical and Financial

Strengthening Community

  • Belonging
  • Inclusion
  • Stewardship
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The Fraternity and Educational Foundation graciously provides funding to host Compass free for attendees, including all travel, meals and lodging. Future sessions of Compass are currently being planned. Please email  if you're interested in learning more about future session dates.