What do Elevator Speeches, 3-D Printers and Dance Lessons have in Common?

September 6, 2017

Chapter leaders from Iota Psi Chapter at Northeastern University have found that planning practical and interesting programs is the key to member development. As they work to plan effective programs they build on the diverse skillset of their both undergraduate and alumni membership. Even after graduation, a successful man aspires for more and is constantly learning new skills and trades to advance himself and his community. While in college Delt men pursue this learning through The Road, Delta Tau Delta’s comprehensive member development program.

Northeastern Self Defense

The Road has four sections – new member education, recruitment, Ritual and member education. Because The Road integrates educational programming, it guides members to accomplish standards outlined by the Fraternity while building on member development.

Through The Road, new member education comes together with recruitment education, Ritual education and member education. Chapters who have used The Road score higher in each section of the Fraternity Accreditation/Awards Report (FAAR) and have positive results with their chapter operations and management.

Iota Psi Chapter has found that adding external speakers to their Road programs has been especially popular. In 2015 the chapter welcomed Stephen Shapiro, an author, consultant and public speaker who specializes as a business innovator. This event was the first Road program the chapter opened to a wider audience at Northeastern, and it generated great attendance and interest from the community.

Last year, they hosted Sir Richard Roberts, a Nobel Laureate who presented a talk on genetically modified organisms (GMOs). The Northeastern University President took it upon himself and his team to help promote the talk leading to a phenomenal turnout with hundreds of non-Delts in attendance including faculty, students and members of the community.

The chapter opens many of their events to the university community allows chapter members to demonstrate who they are as Delts and combat negative stereotypes. Chapter members have found an appreciation for the opportunity to create value-added programming for the community and help further the Greek community in general.

“By being so public with events and showing we are far more than a mere social body, it helps hold our members to a higher standard while truly showing what makes Delts unique,” said Chapter President Alex Andreadis-Lambiotte (Northeastern University, 2018).

The chapter’s next goal is to tie all the different aspects of The Road together. As officers work cohesively towards a unified goal, they will ensure a continuous path of growth for members. “We do a good job as of now, but with more defined goals we could achieve even greater success for our members,” said Andreadis-Lambiotte.