Wabash Legacies Looking Forward

Posted by: Justin Pyles - March 1, 2016

Kyle Morgan & Adam Zink

Kyle Morgan (Wabash, 2017) and Adam Zink (Wabash, 2019) followed the Delta Tau Delta footsteps of their fathers when they joined the colony at Wabash this semester. It’s been eight years since the Beta Psi Chapter at Wabash College welcomed new members and on Feb. 18 Kyle and Adam were among the 69 new members who took part in the colonization ceremony. As legacies, both had the distinction of being welcomed to the Fraternity by significant Fraternity alumni– their fathers John (J.C.) Morgan and Jon Zink, both of whom graduated in 1988.

“It’s an amazing feeling to have a father who is also your brother,” Kyle said. “This definitely gives us another connection. We already have a lot of common experiences here on campus, but this is one is special and not a lot of people can share this experience.”

Like his dad, who served as chapter president in 1986, Kyle has taken a leadership role within the colony and is looking ahead as to how the chapter will impact the campus.

“It’s great to have Delta Tau Delta back on the Wabash College campus. I’m excited to see what we can do in the next few months and hit the ground running with the chapter,” Kyle said. “I want to continue the legacy that was laid here before and head into the future with a bright start.”

John (J.C.) Morgan is honored and pleased by the timing of the Fraternity’s return to Wabash during his son Kyle’s junior year.

“It’s really is hard to put into words because you have dreams and expectations for your kids,” J.C. said. “I didn’t expect Kyle to come here, until he decided to and it’s the same with the Fraternity. I told him, ‘Don’t do something just because I did it.’”

He’s been hoping the chapter would return to campus in the future. “A couple of years ago I ran into [Wabash] President Hess at an event on campus and he said ‘Yes, it’s in the works and it’s going to take some time.’” J.C. said. “Knowing the college wanted this to happen was very reassuring to me.”

Delta Tau Delta was a huge part of the undergraduate careers of J.C. Morgan and Jon Zink so and Jon was also elated when he learned the Fraternity was making a return to campus this year and even more pleased when he learned his son would be part of the return. Jon remembers with pride having about 29 new members in his own class.

“It’s a testament to the hole that needed to be filled on campus that so many young men wanted to be apart of this chapter,” Jon said. “Between the excitement and talent of these 69 men they have a huge opportunity to make their mark on campus.”

“I hope the Beta Psi Colony enables the Wabash community to successfully and completely eliminate the line between Fraternity students and independent students,” Adam said. “I also hope the colony challenges other fraternities on campus and raises the standards by which we govern ourselves.”

Adam is eager to learn more about Delta Tau Delta and its ideals which are close to home.

“I see a lot of the fundamentals from the organization that my dad adopted as his own and this has allowed him to become an exceptional member of the community, a leader in his company and a family man. This is a big reason why I considered Delta Tau Delta.”