Volunteer Support Survey Summary

In summer 2021, the Central Office completed its annual survey of chapter advisors and front-line volunteers. The Central Office is committed to supporting our volunteers and the best way to do that is to listen to their concerns. Roughly half of all chapter advisors completed the survey. From that data, the Central Office has learned the following:

  • 86% of volunteers agree or strongly agree they are satisfied in their current role.
  • 50% of lead advisors who participated in the survey identify utilizing an advisory team. The most common areas for assistant advisors are finances, Ritual education, recruitment, member development, and alumni relations.
  • Nearly 98% of volunteers who participated in the survey believe they have access to Central Office staff.
  • Volunteers reported wanting access to additional training sources, namely mental wellness, communicating and connecting with Generation Z students, and adapting to change within the Fraternity.

Based on this feedback, the Central Office plans to make the following modifications in the 2021-2022 year:

  • With half of reporting CAs stating they utilize a team of volunteers, this tells us another half isn’t. One staff goal for the year is developing a plan to help chapter advisors grow their volunteer teams.
  • Based on the results, we are able to more accurately communicate an estimated time commitment to prospective volunteers so they have a better understanding of what they’re “getting into.” Prior to the survey, we had an idea but no data to back it.
  • Future training opportunities, including Catalyst, Division Conference, Karnea and modules within our learning management system, will focus on key priorities identified by our volunteers.

Read the full executive summary of the survey.