Top Giving Tuesday Fundraiser Earns Degree 50 Years After Pledging Delt

For Noble F. Jackson (Bowling Green, 1973), the road to earning his bachelor's degree took a few turns. After becoming a brother of Delta Tau Delta in 1972, Jackson was faced with the financial decision to earn a living rather than finish his degree. Now, more than 50 years after attending his first classes at Bowling Green, Brother Jackson's relentless determination and grit propelled him to earn status as an alumnus of the university on December 9, 2023.

"Many people have gap years during their college career. Although 50 gap years are not common, I can attest to the process. Years ago, just after accumulating enough hours to reach the Senior class, my budget became very strained. Working 40+ hours a week in combination with classes was frustrating and difficult. Throwing in the towel was the best option at this time. The usual goal was to work for a year of two before resuming the quest.

Earning a living also brings forth new financial obligations. That year or two kept getting pushed back until too much time had passed. After retiring for the second time in April 2022, I began to explore the available options. Having online courses at BG and adequate funds, I once again took up the pen (now keyboard). Five semesters finally allowed me to cross the finish line. My two-time alumna from Ball State never relented on me, nor allowed me to lose heart along the way.

At my side is Brother Drew Forhan (Bowling Green, 1981), the chairman of the Board of Trustees at BGSU. In all of this, I have never lost my zeal for Delta Tau Delta or Bowling Green, nor has either one forsaken me!"

A true champion of lifelong learning and holding a commitment to excellence, Brother Jackson was recognized as the top fundraiser during the Delt Foundation's 2023 Giving Tuesday campaign. He is also honored as a member of the 1858 Society for his continued giving. 

Noble F. Jackson (Bowling Green, 1973) left, and Drew C. Forhan (Bowling Green, 1981) right