Tom Wolf Receives Fraternity Recognition

It was a cause for celebration on June 12, 2023, in North Bend, Nebraska. Long-time Beta Tau House Corporation officer Thomas E. Wolf (University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 1967) was recognized by the Beta Tau House Corporation Board of Directors for his term of volunteer service to the chapter as well as the diamond anniversary of his initiation into Delta Tau Delta Fraternity. Brother Wolf was also honored with the Bridge Builder Award from Delta Tau Delta Fraternity.

Beta Tau House Corporation Board Recognizes Wolf’s Accomplishments

Beta Tau House Corporation President Jim Loach (Georgia Southern University, 1970) presented Brother Wolf with a Resolution of the Board celebrating Wolf’s 60 years of being a Delt, the influence of more than 1,000 Beta Tau Delts throughout his tenure volunteering, and thanking him for his service.


That the Board formally extends its profound thanks and appreciation to Thomas E. Wolf for his decades of service to the Beta Tau Chapter of Delta Tau Delta Fraternity and to the cause of Fraternity and further celebrate Tom’s diamond anniversary of membership with the Fraternity.

—Beta Tau House Corporation Board of Director’s Resolution Citation

Tom Wolf - Bridge Builder Award


Tom Wolf was initiated into Delta Tau Delta Fraternity in 1963 at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and followed in the footsteps of his father, Arden D. Wolf (1932), uncle Emil E. Wolf, Jr. (1939) and brother John A. Wolf (1964). He preceded his own sons, Thomas A. Wolf (1997) and Alexander J. Wolf (2003). Wolf has been a mainstay on the House Corporation Board since the 1990s and has served as secretary and vice president, but is most well known as the board’s long-standing treasurer.

Wolf Receives Bridge Builder Award 

In addition to the recognition by the Beta Tau House Corporation Board, Brother Wolf was also presented with the John Nichols Bridge Builder Award by Delta Tau Delta International Fraternity. The Fraternity established this award in 2004 to recognize and honor faithful local volunteers in their unselfish service to Delta Tau Delta as house corporation officers. Clearly, Brother Wolf’s decades of volunteer service as a house corporation officer made him qualified for the award and recognition. Ryan Caldwell (Theta Kappa-University of Nebraska-Kearney, 2002), former Beta Tau Chapter Advisor and current Delta Tau Delta Arch Chapter Treasurer, presented Brother Wolf with the award on behalf of the Arch Chapter and Fraternity.

From Wolf’s nomination for the Bridge Builder Award:

Tom has worked tirelessly for the benefit of the Shelter. In 2012, Tom was involved with one of the largest capital project’s in Beta Tau history, which installed fire sprinklers throughout the Shelter and renovated many rooms into suite-style living quarters. As House Corporation Treasurer, Tom would single handedly contact each and every donor who pledged funds for the project until those funds were received. He held our brothers accountable to their commitments for the project. He also would be the first to thank someone for their gift to the Shelter with a kind and thoughtful letter. Without Tom’s work, the financial standing of the House Corporation from this project would be dire.

Perhaps the greatest contribution Tom has given is the leadership and mentorship provided to Beta Tau undergraduates. Tom has led clean-ups of the Shelter exhibiting to the undergraduates his continued love toward the Shelter and commitment to maintaining it for their benefit.

Beta Tau Chapter as well as the Beta Tau House Corporation has tremendously benefitted from Tom’s long-standing commitment. He is the longest known serving House Corporation officer in Beta Tau history. He is one of the elder statesmen of Beta Tau and holds a special place within its walls.

—Excerpt from Tom Wolf’s Bridge Builder Award Nomination

Inscribed upon the Bridge Builder Award plaque:

Your devoted and unselfish labor in securing Beta Tau’s future will be heralded through its history as the essence of humble and steadfast service. Your perseverance in uniting the generations of Nebraska Delts resonates throughout all of Delta Tau Delta and honors its legacy. May your brotherly example continue to inspire generations of Delts who follow you as they pursue Fraternity service.

—Delta Tau Delta Bridge Builder Award Citation

The celebration was held at the Historic Bank Building in downtown North Bend, Nebraska located next door to the Platte Valley Bank that the Wolf family has operated since 1910. Those in attendance were Russ Stigge (University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 1970); Beta Tau House Corporation President Jim Loach (Georgia Southern University, 1970); Beta Tau House Corporation Vice-President Chuck Allen (University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 1987); Arch Chapter Treasurer Ryan Caldwell (University of Nebraska-Kearney, 2002); and former Beta Tau House Corporation President Alex Wolf (University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 2003).