The Senior Year Challenge #5 -- Thrift Store Find

Posted by: Joey Mikac - November 19, 2012

While sitting in my room this Saturday working on a final paper, one of my fellow Delts entered my room to tell me he had something to show me. This usually means something has gone terribly wrong in the house, or I’m about to witness a truly creative and dastardly prank, neither of which occurred. I was presented with my newest Delt Senior Challenge, and once again, it involved my wardrobe. Alright, I get it; I’m not that stylish.

The challenge presented to me was to prepare an outfit for a holiday party composed entirely of thrift store clothing. I quickly departed and found a Rag-O-Rama on the main drag of Columbus. The store’s windows were advertising the inventory of “ugly Christmas sweaters”, and I knew I had found my sweater El Dorado. After 10 minutes of searching, I found the perfect sweater - not too ugly, but definitely not the prettiest piece of knitting I’ve ever laid eyes on. I checked out, paying 17 dollars, which I thought was a bit excessive for a thrift store, but that is what you get when you buy a super-awesome holiday sweater.

I went to another thrift store down the road and found a button-up shirt and a tie with embroidered pictures of Santa Claus. All of the items of the day amounted to 23 dollars, just two dollars shy of my limit. Overall it was a successful trek, and I’m happy that I am now prepared to go to any holiday party when I am in a work environment.