The Senior Year Challenge #4 -- Get a Physical

Posted by: Anthony Jacobsmeyer - November 6, 2012

This week I am registering for my last semester of classes at Chapman University, and with that I am realizing that graduation is coming up quickly. Pretty soon the days of intramurals and regular pick-up games will be gone and I will be thrown in to the “real” world with (hopefully) a job and new things to keep me busy. Feeling the stress of these new challenges, I knew it was time to get checked out to make sure I'm in tip top shape when I hit the real world.

For this week’s senior challenge, I went to the health center, got checked out, and found some ways to eat healthy and incorporate exercise into a busy schedule. Don't forget that November is National Diabetes Awareness Month. While you're getting your next physical, be sure to ask about diabetes, what your risk factors are, and whether or not you should be screened.

Check out the video and some of these links for more info, tips and tricks on how to stay healthy after graduation!

Exercise even when you're short on time.

It’s possible to eat healthy on a budget.