The Senior Year Challenge #3 - Get Fitted for a Suit

Posted by: Joey Mikac - October 17, 2012

After a hectic day followed by a membership committee meeting, I returned to my room one afternoon to find a note from Delt headquarters. I hadn’t expected to get any mail from the Central Office so I was confused. I got excited when I realized I had been sent a Senior Challenge and decided to take on the task right then.

Get fitted for a suit? Where was I supposed to start? I searched around campus and got mixed responses. I asked Brutus the Buckeye but he tried to send me to a mascot maker. I asked some guys at the chemistry lab, but they tried to set me up with a Hazmat suit. Finally, I asked some guys in my chapter and they sent me to Men’s Wearhouse for some fresh new threads.

I hit a bit of a roadblock when an employee sitting outside of the store approached my cameraman and I, asking “What’s with the camera crew?” (a college junior holding a digital camera doesn’t exactly scream “camera-crew”). This employee politely informed us that Men’s Wearhouse doesn’t allow cameras inside but was more than happy to help me get suited-up.

After I found this out, I chatted up the staff at the Wearhouse and worked out a deal where they would do my measurements for free (cameraman’s note: they do this for free for everyone, there were no deals “worked out”). I talked with the staff of the Wearhouse (I think the Wearhouse makes it sounds more like the classic 1989 movie “Road House” starring Patrick Swayze—much manlier that way) and they let me know of some awesome ways they could help our chapter.

Overall I was upset that I couldn’t capture my challenge on film for all my Delt brothers to see, but this was a good experience. I know when I need to have a suit properly fitted in the near future, I will have the correct measurements. This was definitely a good thing for me to learn and I hope having these measurements will serve my future career search. Now all I can look forward to is my next challenge!