The Road Chapter Spotlight

Posted by: Justin Monahan - September 26, 2012

Epsilon Iota-A has worked very hard the past three years to implement The Road. This month we would like to recognize the chapter for their dedication and creativity to make the work successful. We asked Justin Monahan, chapter Road chairman, to highlight some of the unique and successful aspects of their program.

Road Raffle -Incentive to participate in Road events.

The Road Raffle encompasses all tiers the Road is meant to promote; Financial Security, Health and Wellness, Leadership, Career Development and Life Skills. The raffle is used to encourage members to participate in Road activities. A sign-up sheet is posted for members to fill in what activities they have done throughout the week. Common activities include: Working out, attending GOALS group, participating in community service events, and attending Road and brotherhood events. They can also count non-Delt events that fall within Road categories for tickets. For each event a brother attends, he receives one ticket and drawings are held during chapter meetings. The weekly winners are rewarded with a gift card.


GOALS group was a new addition this term to our program. Each week members hold short meetings and present their personal goals for the week and how they achieved or fell short of last week’s goal. We also try to have a long-term goal that can be worked toward throughout the term. The intent of this program is to keep each other accountable for what we want to accomplish.

What to do with my degree?

After graduating, many brothers wonder “What can I do with my engineering degree?” Grad School, MBA and beginning a career are all possible options, but what does each entail.

An alumnus volunteered to give a presentation on his non-traditional path of going to work at a consulting firm. The presentation was very informative. It informed the members of other options after graduation. After this presentation, we noticed a big change in some brothers career outlooks. We saw many people straying away from engineering (which is interesting since we are at an engineering school) and going more toward business and consulting.

Another alumnus is giving a presentation on what he has done with his degree as he has moved away from the development of products to the business aspect of his company.

Other topics presented by current members included:

  • Leadership and Recruitment-Presentation to learn some tips on recruiting and how to get involved on campus.
  • All about Cars
    • Fuel Economy 101 -Tips on how to save fuel while commuting to your co-op during work term and driving in general to help your car last longer and be efficient.
    • Engine 101- Inform people about engines and other parts of the car.
  • Religion Forum-Members attend to discover different religions and how they vary from each other.
  • Study Abroad-Alumni/Member Q&A of why they think you should study aboard and information on their experience. 
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