Remote Learning Spans 6,000 Miles

April 28, 2021

When Tselmeg Medsaikhan (Albion College, 2022) enrolled in college in Michigan he never imagined he'd be completing his junior year remotely from his home more than 6,000 miles away. 

Last spring, Medsaikhan finished his sophomore year on the Albion campus in Michigan, then traveled home to Ulaanbaatar, the capital and most populous city of Mongolia, in May. Due to the pandemic, he remained at home for the 2020-2021 academic year. Medsiakhan says it was fairly easy to learn remotely in the majority of his classes as he could focus on listening to lectures and taking notes and he is appreciative of the role faculty had in making this possible.

“It has been a privilege to study under professors who have accommodated well to the remote learning format. The biggest challenges were being part of discussion-based classes because it is really difficult to hear many of the conversations in the classroom,” he said.

The biggest challenge to attending classes more than 6,000 miles away was the 12 to 13-hour time difference challenge since an afternoon class in Michigan is after midnight in Mongolia.

Despite the distance and the time change, Medsiakhan enjoyed maintaining connections with chapter brothers through Facebook and Instagram. He had joined Delt in fall 2019 after meeting members who were on the Albion’s tennis team. “Throughout the tennis season, I had gotten close to them and started hanging out at the Fraternity. I absolutely enjoy being part of the family as all of the brothers were very welcoming and had a great atmosphere around them.”

As a Michigan Intercollegiate Athletic Association Academic Honor Roll student, Medsiakhan is eager to get back in the game and has grown increasingly excited about the upcoming tennis season as he sees student-athletes and others on campus become vaccinated. “Since Mongolia is a very cold country, during the winter it can reach well below -30 degrees Celsius, I have not had the ability to practice during cold seasons. I hope to condition my body during the summer,” Medsiakhan said.

Back when he was searching for a university, Medsaikhan, looked up NBA player Stephen Curry's alma mater, Davidson College. The Google search results showed people also searched for Albion College. “The name stuck with me and the next morning in the library I saw the Albion school flag,” he said. He had missed the Albion admissions representative visiting his school, but decided to apply and was elated with the personal welcome he received upon his acceptance.

Now Medsaikhan anticipates another welcome to campus when he returns in the fall. “During my last year at Albion college, I hope to get closer to my fraternity brothers and make lasting memories. Additionally, I hope to receive good grades and job opportunities in the states,” he said.  Mendsaikhan has been involved with Albion's international student union board and the investment club. He is majoring in mathematics with an actuarial emphasis and finance and hopes to pursue a career in banking.