Remembering Victims of the Pan Am 103 Tragedy on 30th Anniversary

December 21, 2018

Peter Peirce (left) and Stephen Boland (right)

The world lost two Delts among the 270 killed when Pan Am 103 exploded over Lockerbie, Scotland on December 21, 1988. All 259 people on board and 11 on the ground died after a bomb planted by terrorists exploded at 31,000 feet. Victims included Stephen Boland and Peter Peirce.

Stephen Boland (Syracuse University, 1990)

Steve Boland pledged Delt at Syracuse in the fall of 1986. He served as philanthropy chairman during the 1987-88 academic year, gaining notice when the chapter, under his leadership, raised more than $4,000 in a two-night fundraiser for the Arthritis Foundation. He was among the 35 Syracuse exchange students returning home after a semester abroad in London.

Peter R, Peirce (Ohio State University, 1971)

Peter R, Peirce, a well-known Toledo architect was returning from advanced studies in architecture in Italy through a Syracuse University program. One of Peirce’s close friends, Tom Calhoon (Ohio State University, 1970) recalls the last time he and many other Delt friends saw Peirce at a surprise birthday party organized by their wives in August 1988. “With the exception of a chapter brother who went to visit Peter in Italy, that was the last time any of us saw Peter alive,” said Calhoon.