Present It, Don’t Lament It

Posted by: Tom Connelly - September 10, 2013

When one thinks of a standing in front of a crowd to give a presentation, there seems to be an immediate negative connotation. An estimated 75 percent of people suffer from an acute fear of speaking in a public forum.

Well fear not! With a little help, anyone can give professional presentations with ease. Here are a five tips to mitigate the fear of public speaking:

  1. Do Your Homework- Before you even begin your presentation, it is important to have a firm understanding of the topic. Be sure to review your notes as you put your presentation together. If you need a note card, write down key bullet points that will remind you of what you need to share with the group.
  2. KISS- Keep It Short and Simple. The biggest mistake most make when putting together a presentation is making it too complicated. Often times the more you say, the less you actually communicate.
  3. Know Your Audience- Try to avoid using jargon/acronyms that your audience may not understand. Be mindful of who is in the audience. If your audience is composed of astrophysicists, odds are they won’t be familiar with the muscles of the human body.
  4. Stand Up and Speak Out- The majority of communication is associated with body language. Recognize what you are communicating and be sure that you are standing up straight and talking in a clear voice. No one likes listening to a soft-spoken slouch.
  5. Enjoy It- Each presentation someone gives is in its own way a performance. There are many fun ways to spice up a presentation; just make sure the tactics are appropriate for your given presentation.