Politics and a Movie

March 20, 2024

Mike Donovan (Maine, 1988) at his wedding in 1994 with his brother and Delt brothers, including Don Sharpe (Maine, 1987), Dave Lindey (Maine, 1988), Doug Sheppard (George Washington, 1990), Joe Donovan and Howie Bierman (Lafayette, 1986).

Mike Donovan (Maine, 1988) and Doug Sheppard (The George Washington University, 1990) met when Donovan reached out to Gamma Eta Chapter in search of housing for his summer internship on Capitol Hill. Sheppard was in Donovan's wedding party 30 years ago. They've maintained their friendship and recently launched a podcast based on their interests  — politics and movies. 

"We've kept in touch over the years — he's in California, and I'm in Ohio  — and have put out this podcast, which is now at nine episodes," said Donovan. "We're having a lot of fun."

The two friends followed their first Politics and a Movie podcast episode, “Watergate & Back to the Future 2” with “The 1980 Presidential Election & A Fish Called Wanda.” Their goal is to feed the desire to be politically knowledgeable and up to speed on hit films, thus stimulating both sides of the brain. 

From their initial meeting through the Delt network to lifetime friendships, Donovan and Sheppard are committed to lifelong learning through brotherhood.