Nu Chapter Returns After 28-Year Absence

The alumni of Lafayette College have long regarded June 1, 1988 as the darkest day in the history of the Nu Chapter. It was on that day the Arch Chapter made the difficult decision to withdraw its charter. Originally founded in 1874 but closed in 1893, the Nu Chapter was refounded in 1906. For 82 years the purple, white and gold of Delta Tau Delta flourished on campus at Lafayette College.

Lafayette College

Twenty-eight years is a long time to wait. During that time the number of fraternities on campus dwindled from more than 10 to less than five. Though not a popular sentiment, many Nu alumni believed the chapter would never return. In the fall of 2014 hope began to return and it returned to an unlikely venue – Yankee Stadium.

A small group of students at Lafayette College began to consider the possibility of bringing a new fraternity to campus. At the time, none of the students even knew what Delta Tau Delta was, let alone what it stood for. After a few meetings with university officials, Dan Ayala, associate director of residence life and advisor to fraternities, thought of all those Delt alumni who had kept in touch all those years. He arranged for a meeting at the annual Lehigh versus Lafayette game held that year in Yankee Stadium.

The rest, as they say, is history. In the students, the alumni found a values-centered group of men who were looking to bring something fresh to campus. For the students, the alumni represented the fulfillment of their search – the embodiment of their vision of an organization that prepares and impacts men far beyond their college years. And so the Nu Crescent Colony of Delta Tau Delta was born.

The dream of a charter became a reality in a ceremony on a blustery November morning in Easton, Pa. In total 70 took the Oath to be a Delt and the Nu Chapter was reborn on Nov. 20, 2016. The chapter members concluded the day with a banquet and ceremonies in Alpha, N.J. International President Jim Garboden charged the men to consider this day a beginning rather than an end. Delta Tau Delta is encouraged by the fine group of men and looks forward to at least another 82 years as the recognized leader of excellence at Lafayette College.

"I'm thrilled that Nu will be the third chapter to join the Eastern Division during my time as president,” said Eastern Division President Bryan Adams (University of Maine, 2007). Adams advised the chapter to keep striving for greatness. “Today's installation is not the final goal. As a former colony member, I know that this can feel like the pinnacle of your Delt experience. Keep in mind that it is only the beginning and this group can accomplish so much more," he said.

Also in attendance were Executive Vice President Jim Russell (Purdue University, 1975); Chief Operating Officer, Jack Kreman (University of Nebraska at Kearney, 2004) and former international president Don Kress (Lafayette College, 1958) who was president from 1984-1986.

Lafayette College is a private, liberal arts college nestled in the hills of Easton, Penn. Founded in 1832 by the citizens of Easton, Lafayette College offers 51 degrees in a variety of disciplines. Ranked as the #36 national liberal arts college by U.S. News and World Report, Lafayette College attracts students from 46 states and 48 nations.