Three Vice Presidents Announced

Chief Executive Officer Jack Kreman is pleased to welcome three new positions to the Central Office staff. Though the positions are new, the individuals filling those positions have earned the esteem and trust of Fraternity members many times over. Alan Selking, Andy Longo and Doug Russell will assume the roles of vice president of finance and operations, vice president of education and programming and vice president of membership, respectively. These new roles are the next step in updating the governance and organizational structure of the Central Office. Kreman, appointed the Fraternity’s first CEO in September 2018, is pleased to welcome these new roles and is excited to provide a new opportunity for three loyal Delt servants.

“As we reviewed the structure of the Central Office we found the need to meet three distinct challenges. First, we needed to become more forward-thinking and strategic. The addition of vice presidents signifies a greater focus on the future. Second, our organizational structure has historically been flat. Due to the structure, we were losing good people simply because we had nowhere else for them to go. Creating additional leadership opportunities will provide these men with additional challenges. Finally, the Central Office, like all functional organizations, needs succession planning. Providing these individuals with more opportunities for leadership will better prepare the “bench” of the Central Office. Most importantly, though, I believe this change will be of great benefit to our members,” Kreman said.

Doug Russell (Western Kentucky, 2010) began his service to the Fraternity in 2010 as a chapter leadership consultant. Since that time he has served on the education and programming team and most recently as the director of chapter services. In his role as vice president of membership, Russell is responsible for the holistic management of the entire membership experience. He is responsible for creating strategies focused on the undergraduate and early alumni experience, volunteer leadership acquisition and support, chapter health, expansion and growth, and risk.

Andy Longo (Bowling Green State University) began his service to the Fraternity in 2003 as the Fraternity’s first director of residential life. A steadfast supporter of the fraternal movement and a champion of Delta Tau Delta, Longo has most recently served as the Fraternity’s director of Fraternity programs. In that role, he manages all Fraternity leadership programs including Ignite, The Charge, the Presidents and Advisors Retreat, Karnea and division conferences. He also continues to support housing and technology. As the vice president of education and programming, Longo will be responsible for overseeing the development of a lifelong learning philosophy that will drive all programming for undergraduate and alumni members.

Alan Selking (Ball State University, 1984) began his service to the Fraternity in 1997. As the second-longest tenured member of the Fraternity staff, Selking has contributed more than 20 years of integrity and sound management to the business department of the Fraternity. Under his leadership, the Fraternity moved from deep deficits and an uncertain financial footing to a true leader in the Fraternity world. In the role of vice president of finance and operations, Alan will be responsible for developing the infrastructure necessary to support strategic growth within the Fraternity and for building, evaluating and maintaining the accounting systems and controls and the internal structures, processes and procedures which enable the Central Office to operate efficiently while still delivering quality services.