National Hazing Prevention Week

Posted by: Taylor Williams - September 24, 2013

This week is National Hazing Prevention Week, when organizations of all shapes, sizes and creeds come together in their communities and campuses to raise awareness about hazing and to promote hazing prevention. National Hazing Prevention Week is held annually during the last full week of September and as an organization founded on the values of inspiring maturity, engaging the community, and setting an example for others to follow, Delta Tau Delta is actively involved with the campaign on campuses nationwide and with the anti-hazing hotline initiative.

Activities for National Hazing Prevention Week range from round table discussions on hazing and prevention to fundraisers and contests to raise awareness and educational sessions for organizational leadership on recognizing signs of hazing. Whether it’s one event or a week’s worth of activities, get out in your campus and community and spread the word on hazing prevention.

What You Can Do

Understand the issue. Hazing is defined as an abusive, often humiliating form of initiation into or affiliation with a group which includes any action which recklessly or intentionally jeopardizes the mental and physical safety of another. Educate your chapter on what constitutes hazing and how to recognize it.

Take responsibility. Don’t be afraid to speak up. Nearly every university has an anti-hazing policy with procedures to report violations, and 44 states now have laws against hazing. If you witness hazing or have endured it yourself, report it.

Spread the word. Educate others, including your chapter, the Greek community, athletic teams, parents and faculty on the hazards of hazing and the methods to preventing it.

Remember, National Hazing Prevention Week is but one week of what should be your chapter’s year-round hazing prevention plan. Act today and help your chapter prevent hazing.