Meeting the Dean of University of Pittsburgh’s School of Dental Medicine

Posted by: Rushil Mehta (University of Pittsburgh, 2018) - March 14, 2017


Dr. Thomas Braun (University of Pittsburgh, 1969) is the dean of the University of Pittsburgh’s School of Dental Medicine and a proud alumnus of Delta Tau Delta, Gamma Sigma Chapter. He is a well-respected oral and maxillofacial surgeon and distinguished service professor. As a pre-dental student at Pitt, I admit I was anxious and a little nervous to meet him. As soon as I walked into his office I heard, “How are you, brother?” and we immediately connected.

Dr. Braun transferred to the University of Pittsburgh after spending his first year at Allegheny College, and sought to join an organization where he would be able to engage with others who have similar interests. Greek life immediately struck him as a great way to be able to socialize with fellow students and alumni, and most importantly have a close group of men whom he could call his brothers. In the spring of 1967, Dr. Braun pledged Delta Tau Delta and joined the brotherhood which includes Gamma Sigma Chapter alumni Dr. Jack Smith (1969), a University Trustee as well as Gene Scanlon (1969), Steve Linebaugh (1969), and John Thompson (1968) who are respected Pennsylvania judges.

Dr. Braun was a frequent visitor at the Delt house and is a dedicated brother who is always willing to get involved with any philanthropy and volunteer events on campus.

After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in biology, Dr. Braun studied dentistry and pharmacology at Pitt Dental, earning his D.MD. and M.S. with summa cum laude in 1973. He later earned a Ph.D. in anatomy in 1977. Dr. Braun is a distinguished service professor and has been serving as the dean since 2000 along with holding many other prestigious positions in the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgical Society.

Looking back, Dr. Braun feels that joining a fraternity has helped him achieve a good balance between academics and extracurricular activities. These skills have taught him multiple life lessons which he still abides by. He has gained unforgettable life-long memories from undergraduate experience as a Delt and as an alumnus. It was a great honor to meet a Gamma Sigma Chapter alumnus who has achieved numerous honors in the field I wish to pursue.