Matthew McConaughey’s 6 Truths to Get What You Want in Life

April 17, 2023

Not only does Matthew McConaughey (University of Texas at Austin, 1992) share six truths, but he also discusses the list of 10 life goals he wrote when he was an undergraduate and how important it is to write down your dreams and goals. 

"Those 10 goals, I wrote those down in the top bunk in the Delt house. University of Texas in 1992," McConaughey said. 




In this very special episode, Lewis meets with Matthew McConaughey to discuss life, love, his prolific acting career, and his new project – The Art Of Livin’.

This isn’t your ordinary Matthew McConaughey experience. It’s not a movie, it’s not a book tour, it’s not an interview (or anything in between). After the success of his book “Greenlights,” McConaughey was inundated with people asking him to go even deeper into the Greenlight method. They wanted to know more about how you recognize and respond to green, yellow and red lights as you navigate life’s highway.

McConaughey doesn’t claim to get it all right, to be making straight A’s in all areas of his life. But, he has figured out a thing or two about the art of livin’."