Kenyon Mentorship Program Helps Members Excel

Posted by: Ellen Shertzer - November 21, 2012

On Sept. 15 over 30 alumni, actives and invited guests of Delta Tau Delta (Chi Chapter) at Kenyon College convened at the Shelter for a morning of hors d'ourves, networking and mentorship. The event marked the first annual Byron Horn Mentorship Panel. Undergraduates were provided with a unique opportunity to meet with established alumni in their intended career discipline. In addition to receiving valuable career advice, actives are also learning how to leverage their experiences as Delts to obtain highly competitive entry level positions and admittance to graduate school. Following a brief opening from the panel’s moderator, Alex Hetherington (Kenyon College, 1989), a former U.S Marine Corps helicopter pilot, each member of the panel, representing the fields of law, finance, public policy, education and medicine respectively, took the podium to discuss how they chose their current professions and their time as a Delt at Kenyon College. The floor was then open for questions from the audience.

First to speak was Dennis Mulvihill (Kenyon College, 1988), who delivered a thoughtful presentation about his career in law, drawing upon his experience as a partner at Low Eklund Wakefield & Mulvihill Co., LPA. He spoke about how his experience balancing academics, leadership roles and athletics prepared him for the challenges that men face later down the road, as they balance an increasing number of responsibilities while maintaining a high standard of personal excellence. During his time at Kenyon, Dennis was captain of the swim team, winning over 18 national swimming titles.

John Morris (Kenyon College, 1989) was next to address the chapter, describing life in the financial sector. Morris founded Crestwood Advisors, a Boston-based wealth management firm, with fellow Delt Brother, Rob Ix (Kenyon College, 1987), and was recently featured in Fortune Magazine. His advice for any aspiring businessman is to find an environment in which your superiors take a vested interest in your success and development as a member of their team. Ensure that you are being equipped with a wide range of marketable skills which prepare you for future opportunities. John played rugby for Kenyon College.

Representing the field of public policy, Cully Stimson (Kenyon College, 1986) discussed the need for young men who have developed excellent written and spoken communication skills to develop solutions for the most pressing issues facing the United States today. Currently serving as both the Chief of Staff as well as a Senior Legal Fellow for the Heritage Foundation, Stimson recalls how his education and Delt experience prepared him for the fiercely competitive law and public policy fields. Mr. Stimson served as captain of the men’s varsity soccer team.

Bill Taylor (Kenyon College, 1985), representing the education field, explained to actives and guests that it is most important to “Know Thyself” when exploring career options. For some young professionals, a clear cut career path is not always immediately visible and can often be intimidating. Bill shared the epiphany he experienced several years after graduation which influenced him to attend Yale Divinity School. He decided the best and most fulfilling use of his talents was to positively impact the lives of young people as a compassionate and influential educator. Taylor currently serves as President of St. George’s Independent School. Taylor was president of Chi during his years at Kenyon College.

The panel’s final speaker, Jeff Clark (Kenyon College, 1990), shared insights about his career as a doctor. Clark currently serves as an Associate Professor at Wayne State School of Medicine, a Pediatric ICU Fellowship Director and a Pediatric Intensivist at Children’s Hospital of Michigan with a clinical focus on Cardiovascular Intensive Care. He said that though the hours spent studying and training for his profession are indeed quite arduous, the rewards are remarkably powerful as well. He credits Delta Tau Delta with being a wonderful source of support throughout his challenging undergraduate coursework, balancing brotherhood with a successful swimming career while at Kenyon College.

The annual mentorship panel is one of many benefits that the newly established Byron Horn Mentorship program offers to the brothers of Chi Chapter. Formed by the Alumni Association in honor of a dear brother (Byron Horn, Kenyon College, 1986) who recently passed, the program is the second stage of a recent alumni movement to further connect brothers from a wide range of classes, following a $60,000 fundraising campaign for extensive renovations to the Shelter. The panel and program seek to instill the same hard work and dedication Bryon demonstrated as a Delt, father, husband and established law professional.

In addition to mixers and guest speakers, the program also pairs each active member with an alumnus in their career field. As each undergraduate prepares for life after graduation, he regularly consults his mentor, establishing both short and long term career goals. The program has already placed several recent alumni in top-tier graduate schools and prestigious positions in business, education, and public policy, with plans to continue to expand and grow. Unrivaled by the other fraternities at Kenyon College, Chi Chapter boasts the only program of this kind and caliber. The Byron Horn Mentorship Program is yet another example of Delta Tau Delta's dedication to lives of excellence.