John H. Venable Award

Intended to recognize exceptional academic achievement by a chapter. The award is named for John H. Venable, Carnegie Mellon 1951, former director of academic affairs, in recognition of his dedication to the academic excellence of undergraduate chapters.

Presented to one chapter annually at its division conference, typically to the chapter showing the highest grade point improvement in the previous year.

Nomination Due: December 1. Nominee determined by academic reports received at the Central Office from host institutions

Recent Recipients

2007 – Epsilon Xi
2008 – Epsilon Zeta
2009 – Theta Omega
2010 – Epsilon Xi
2011 – Theta Founding
2012 – Iota Theta
2013 – Beta Theta
2014 – Theta Gamma
2015 – Theta Omega
2016 – Zeta Sigma
2017 – Beta CC