Ignite Program Sparks Excellence

Posted by: Justin Pyles - January 28, 2016

As a Beta Gamma undergraduate, I want to share a few of my experiences within Delta Tau Delta and to update you on how Delta Tau Delta has helped me develop as a man.

Dominic Belmonte

My Delt experience has been unique. When I arrived in the fall of 2012, the Beta Gamma chapter had around 30 men. The chapter was in financial distress that was coupled with the lack of attention to academics and general apathy.

I’ve always had the raw qualities to be a leader, but until I attended the Ignite Leadership Experience, I did not have them cultivated into being a fraternal leader. This program taught me the importance of standing up for what you believe in, holding others accountable, and how the Fraternity is still relevant today in teaching college students how to lead their fellow brothers. This program helped me understand why it was important for me and others to take action.

With the help of a few noble brothers, the fall 2012 pledge class (including myself) was the largest (17) recruiting class in the chapter’s near history. With incredible hard work and dedication over the next 18 months, our chapter doubled in size and rose to financial success. I took an integral part in this as a senior recruitment chair. I made it my goal to make Delt the best example of strong brotherhood and dedication to a life of excellence on our campus. I took my fervor for change and my need to grow this chapter into success not only in our size but also in our availability of programming for members.

My energy and excitement for the growth in this chapter led to my election as president. Leadership, in my opinion, is a natural skill that many can be taught and few can master. This experience shaped me into the man I am today. I am no longer afraid to confront moral dilemmas in the sight of my brothers, and I am able to harness goals and results out of the men that I lead. I am proud to say that from being a leader in this chapter and with the help of many people at the Central Office, I am in the best position to build my future leadership skills in the workplace.

Today, Beta Gamma has never been in a better position. Our chapter house is filled, we have more than $15,000 in accessible cash in our accounts, and we have more than 80 wonderful brothers. Every morning I wake up in the Shelter and think about how blessed our chapter is to have so many new members who share the same goal in making Beta Gamma a truly impressive chapter and a hopeful Hugh Shields winner. I have my past brothers, current brothers, and future brothers to thank for giving me this amazing experience. I joined Delt to become a better man, and I will graduate in less than a year as a better man.

--Dominic Belmonte (University of Wisconsin, 2016)