Hughes Award for Excellence in Ritual Performance

Intended to recognize superior Ritual performance and named for the Hughes family, which has had three of its members serve as international president. The first was Edwin Holt Hughes, Ohio Wesleyan 1889, was largely responsible for drafting the present Ritual used for more than 100 years.

Instituted at the Atlanta Karnea in 1994 but not presented until 2006.

Nomination Due: 45 days prior to Karnea. A nominating form is available through the Central Office.


2006 – Alpha Chapter, Allegheny College / Beta Zeta Chapter, Butler University / Zeta Sigma Chapter, Texas A&M University / Zeta Chi Chapter, University of Southern Mississippi / Theta Lambda Chapter, University of California-Riverside
2008 – Gamma Chapter Chapter, Washington & Jefferson College
2010 – Iota Epsilon Chapter, Chapman University
2012 - Delta Delta Chapter, University of Tennessee
2014 – Delta Beta Chapter, Carnegie Mellon University
2014 – Gamma Beta Chapter, Illinois Institute of Technology
2016 – Gamma Xi Chapter, University of Cincinnati