How to Pack for a Short Weekend

Posted by: Dylan Pyne - January 14, 2014

When packing for a short weekend trip, the first thing you should do is choose what your top and bottom colors will be for the weekend. It is best to choose colors that you have a number of articles in the same color. Navy and white tops are always the simplest. Khaki and brown pants also go with nearly everything. By doing this, you will be able to create a variety of outfits while packing minimal articles of clothing. These outfits should prepare you for any number of environments and weather conditions.

Take for example this packing list:

One Navy Blazer

One Navy Sweater

One Yellow Raincoat

One White Polo

One White Oxford

One Pair of Khaki Shorts

One Pair of Khaki Pants

One Pair of Brown Loafers

One Brown Belt

In this scenario the white polo would go with both the khaki shorts and the khaki pants depending on the dress code and weather. Similarly, the white oxford would go with both the khaki shorts and the khaki pants. If the environment called for a jacket, then the navy blazer could be worn with the white oxford and the khaki pants or if weather permits, the navy sweater could be worn over either the white polo or white oxford and the yellow raincoat could be worn over everything. A well taken care pair of loafers can transition from casual to business casual and brown belt to match is a must. All these articles of clothing could fit in a small duffle bag with plenty of room left for toiletries and souvenirs.