Flatonia, Texas has a Special Significance to Epsilon Lambda Alumni

October 14, 2016

Epsilon Lambda alumni gathered to celebrate their brotherhood and remember those that have gone on before.

October 1, 2016 was a special day at the Two Bit Ranch in Flatonia, Texas as Delt brothers gathered to dedicate a special project. Years in the making, the display which features the Delta Tau Delta letters holds a special place in the hearts of alumni from the Epsilon Lambda Chapter.

The 40-year-old letters were moved in 2012 from the former fraternity house in Kingsville, Texas and relocated to the Two Bit Ranch where they were refurbished by the ranch owner, Bob Devine (Texas A&M-Kingsville, 1969).

Devine, who designed the wall had two engraved stones added during construction. The first signifies that Epsilon Lambda chapter grew out of a local fraternity, Beta Sigma Lambda.

While Epsilon Lambda was Installed on May 7, 1966 and closed on February 23, 1998, its memories will live on as these brothers gather annually to enjoy continued fraternal brotherhood and to honor those that have gone on before them.

Delta Tau Delta's historical tie to Flatonia, Texas: On May 7, 1966 Supreme Court Justice Tom Clark (University of Texas-Austin, 1922) stopped by Flatonia on his way to the Epsilon Lambda installation in Kingsville. There he picked up another Delt brother, Judge E. A. Arnim (University of Texas-Austin, 1926) who was a law school classmate of his at the University of Texas. 

Epsilon Lambda Alumni
Epsilon Lambda engraved stones