Family Bond Grows to Include Fraternity Bond

March 29, 2022

Grandfather Attends Grandson’s Initiation

Earlier this semester Scott Lozer (Ball State University, 2025) casually mentioned to his grandfather Alan Stanford (Wabash College, 1963) that he’d pledged Delta Tau Delta. “I'm not too sure was even aware of his legacy,” Stanford said. “He and his roommate chose Delt because of the guys and I thought that was neat,” Stanford said.

“I knew he had a fraternity connection, but I had no idea was a Delt, until after I started rushing,” Lozer said. “My best friend who I grew up with and went to the same high school with actually goes to Ball State as well and he's in my pledge class. His brother was a Delt at Ball State, so we went to a rush event one night and really liked the guys—really connected with all of them.”

Though Lozer had a few initial doubts about fraternity life his grandfather offered encouragement. Over the last two years, Lozer and his grandparents have become particularly close, in part, due to the pandemic. They lived just a few blocks apart and began spending more time together, including regular family dinners. “I'd go over at least once a week and just help them around the house and hang out with them, talk and get life lessons.”

On March 22, Stanford took part in Lozer’s initiation welcoming his youngest grandson into the Fraternity as he soaked up the inspiration of young men guiding the Epsilon Mu Chapter. “I was just so impressed by all the courtesies, smiles and friendships.

“Having him be a rock I can rely on and having him there at initiation... it was really humbling to me to make him proud. I could tell that he was having fun at the house. He's proud. It’s what I live for,” Lozer said.

By chance, Stanford’s Fraternity connection and Ball State ties date back to his acquaintance with one of Delta Tau Delta’s giants, John W. Fisher (University of Tennessee, 1938) who died in 2009. Fisher also served on the board of directors for one of Stanford’s companies. He knew John quite well and found the connection quite interesting. Fisher, a benefactor to both Ball State University and Delta Tau Delta, was a highly respected city, state and national business and civic leader. Hired by Hugh Shields (Indiana University, 1926), Fisher worked for Delta Tau Delta as a field secretary for two years before he joined Ball Corporation as a trainee. Less than 30 years later he headed the company as CEO. Fisher was honored by Delta Tau Delta with its Alumni Achievement Award, cited with membership in the Fraternity's Distinguished Service Chapter and was recognized in the Badge of Honor shrine in the headquarters courtyard.

Stanford reveled in being able to give his 60-year-old pin to his youngest grandson as he welcomed him to the Delt family. "It is fun to see that tradition carry forward because of course nothing has changed in the initiation. To see these young guys — the current generation and all and all the things you hear — to see them come back with a, a historical sober perspective on the initiation ceremony was quite remarkable,” Stanford said.

He sent a note to his grandson the next morning calling the initiation a perfect memory and an exceptional honor.

Lozer said it felt amazing to have his grandfather at his initiation. “The guys loved having him around. Everybody wanted me to introduce him. He had a blast talking. He's very extroverted social and over COVID they haven't really been able to be too social, so this was good for him. He said, ‘This, brings back a lot of memories.’ It was a blast from the past for him.”

One of the key lessons Lozer he’s learned from his grandfather is to always be there for people who will always be there for you and to stay close to family—a connection demonstrated often through a strong family and now through a Fraternity bond.