Donor Spotlight: Michael D. Shonrock, Ph.D., Western Illinois University

The newest Chairman of the Educational Foundation Board, Michael D. Shonrock, Ph.D. (Western Illinois University, 1979), enters his role at an exciting and inspiring new time for the Foundation.

From the very beginning in his early days as an undergraduate, Shonrock knew that Delta Tau Delta was a powerful force. Learning the true meaning of brotherhood and grasping an appreciation to learn to build self-confidence, Shonrock carries those initial life lessons with him today.

A firm believer in servant leadership and service above self, Shonrock hopes that current undergraduates will gain significant attributes because of the Forging the Future Campaign.

“Anyone can live in a community, but not everyone can engage. My hope is that they can learn the value of giving back to an organization and community. They are the future, so it’s important they help us move forward into the next generation and start a movement.”

Having launched the Campaign at the Norfolk Karnea, the excitement surrounding it enhances the more that people learn about it. Shonrock addresses this point while also motioning to continue moving forward.

“We’ve already made a lot of progress with it, but it’s important to keep that momentum moving and continue building upon it. Ultimately, through this campaign we are investing in the next generation of Delts. The gifts we receive are precious and each gift means something to someone.”

Always looking to build and improve relationships, Shonrock is excited to provide those same opportunities to current members.

“We must recognize and respect generational differences while continuing to invest in the next generation. They will be taking on leadership roles to prepare them to be successful throughout life, and it’s very energizing to aid those and watch them come to fruition.”