Donor Spotlight: Justin A. Williamson, Southeastern Louisiana University

As a senior in college, Capt. Justin A. Williamson (Southeastern Louisiana University, 2015) made the courageous decision to join the military following the completion of his degree. While it wasn’t the path he’d always planned for, he claims that he would never have taken it without the support and motivation he received from his Delta Tau Delta Brothers. Early on in his Delt journey, Williamson knew he wanted to offer the same impact and guidance to undergraduates that he experienced. Not only has he served as a regular, generous donor, Williamson has also devoted a great amount of time and energy into impacting the lives of young Delts through facilitating the 2020 Digital Ignite program and evaluating scholarship applications for the Educational Foundation.

“Delta Tau Delta was the first experience I had that I saw the link between individual and group success. As an undergraduate, there were brothers that I connected with who became my mentors and motivators to give my best and make my chapter better. Now as an alumnus, I have worked to put out that same energy. Being a driving force behind the creation of the Military Delts and Delt Pride affinity groups has been very fulfilling. I would want other Delts to see that example and be encouraged to do the same.”

“If I had not had the opportunities I did to grow as an undergraduate, I simply would not be the person I am today. In the transition of graduating, I did not want to delay giving back because current and future undergraduates need to have the same or better access to the programs and experiences I had. For now, I want to keep my momentum on the Foundation and eventually get back to more hands-on work with undergraduates when placement in my career allows for it.”

Thanks to his continued generosity, Williamson is recognized as an Al Sheriff Associate and a member of the Order of the C--, Bethany Society and Heritage Society. Pledging his first donation to the Foundation in 2012, Williamson began his dedication to giving back as an undergraduate and earned Crescent Society honors.  

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