Officer Training and Division President Elections Continue

In October the Arch Chapter of Delta Tau Delta decided to cancel the 2021 division conferences. After reviewing the current and future landscape of higher education, the Arch Chapter decided canceling the division conferences is in the best interest of the students and volunteers. Furthermore, several advisors reported their students wouldn’t be permitted to leave campus and would be unable to attend division conferences.

“The health of our members is of primary importance. We do not want to put anyone into harm’s way. Canceling the division conferences is a difficult, but necessary decision done out of an abundance of caution,” said Chris Wisbrock, chairman of the Committee on Chapters.

Division president elections will continue via online media. Officer and volunteer training will move from an on-site model to a year-round model with training available to new officers beginning later this month and continuing the year.

Without the need to fund a division conference, all five division presidents have agreed upon a division dues holiday for the 2020-2021 school year. Chapters will not be required to pay the typical division fee usually due in February.

While canceling the division conferences will prevent students and volunteers from mingling with men from other chapters and building connections, officers will still receive ample training to fill their roles in 2021. The need for enhanced online education accelerated the effort by the Fraternity to provide more training opportunities via the Aspire learning management system and fully leverage Zoom and other video platforms to bring students together. More information regarding officer training and division president elections will be available soon.

The original 2021 conference sites have been transferred to 2022 and dates will be released when final.