Distinguished Service Chapter

Awarded to alumni who have been actively loyal to the Fraternity for at least twenty years, rendered some unusual service to the Fraternity or Division thereof, and evidenced personal characteristics and habits which have been and are "worthy of all acceptance" by the Fraternity and society at large.

Nominations Due: Minimum 30 days prior to the anticipated presentation; 60 days preferred.

Charles B. Mitchell (Allegheny College, 1879)

Edgar P. Cullum (Allegheny College, 1882)

Wesley B. Best (Allegheny College, 1883)

Frederick B. Palmer (Allegheny College, 1893)

Malcolm H. Dewey (Allegheny College, 3/19/1905)

Frank T. Stockton (Allegheny College, 1907)

Harley D. Carpenter (Allegheny College, 1909)

Charles W. Flick (Allegheny College, 1915)

Gordon B. Leberman (Allegheny College, 1921)

William F. Reichert (Allegheny College, 1927)

Scott D. McGill, C.D.P. (Allegheny College, 1968)

Rev James G. Mentzer (Allegheny College, 1971)

John M. Myles, III (Allegheny College, 1973)

B. Scot Smith (Allegheny College, 1973)

Keith J. Steiner, CIMA (Allegheny College, 1973)

Gregory A. Peoples (Allegheny College, 1973)

Arthur J. Marziale, Jr. (Allegheny College, 1980)

Lewis Walker (Allegheny College, 1877)

John Rutledge Scott (Ohio University, 1864)

Hiram R. Wilson (Ohio University, 1896)

J. Claire Evans (Ohio University, 1901)

Frank B. Gullum (Ohio University, 1907)

Carr Liggett (Ohio University, 1916)

F. Darrell Moore (Ohio University, 1916)

John W. Galbreath (Ohio University, 1920)

Madison J. Humphrey (Ohio University, 1921)

Arthur D. King (Ohio University, 1927)

Willis H. Edmund (Ohio University, 1928)

William H. Martindill (Ohio University, 1932)

Dr. Robert L. Hartford (Ohio University, 1936)

Rupert D. Starr (Ohio University, 1946)

David N. Keller (Ohio University, 1950)

Kenneth J. Kies (Ohio University, 1974)

James R. Dickie (Washington & Jefferson College, 1905)

M. Allen Dickie (Washington & Jefferson College, 1909)

Harry R. Birmingham (Washington & Jefferson College, 1910)

John J. Sherrard (Washington & Jefferson College, 1913)

Alfred P. Sheriff (Washington & Jefferson College, 1949)

Joseph B. Leckie (Washington & Jefferson College, 1950)

Forrest E. Forsythe (Washington & Jefferson College, 1950)

Armin O. Leuschner (University of Michigan, 1888)

Samuel J. Sackett (University of Michigan, 1903)

Rueben S. Schmidt (University of Michigan, 1903)

Zackery K. Brinkerhoff (University of Michigan, 1904)

Robert W. Sinclair (University of Michigan, 1907)

Lane Summers (University of Michigan, 1911)

John K. Worley (University of Michigan, 1927)

Charles R. Burgess (University of Michigan, 1934)

Ward L. Quaal (University of Michigan, 1941)

Charles H. Gordon (Albion College, 1886)

Thomas W. Pitt (Albion College, 1988)

Robert E. Ruedy (Case Western Reserve University, 1890)

John J. Thomas (Case Western Reserve University, 1891)

Frank H. Pelton (Case Western Reserve University, 1904)

N. Ray Carroll (Case Western Reserve University, 1908)

Raymond E. Hyre (Case Western Reserve University, 1911)

Donald C. Van Buren (Case Western Reserve University, 1911)

Hon. Thomas J. Herbert (Case Western Reserve University, 1915)

Howard D. Mills (Case Western Reserve University, 1918)

Clare D. Russell (Case Western Reserve University, 1919)

Clemens R. Frank (Case Western Reserve University, 1919)

John L. Morgan (Case Western Reserve University, 1923)

William E. Kimberling (Bethany College, 1881)

Dr. John W. Lozier (Bethany College, 1959)

J. Drew McFarland, Esq. (Bethany College, 1983)

Albert H. Voight (Michigan State University, 1881)

Joseph William Mauck (Hillsdale College, 1875)

Paul W. Chase (Hillsdale College, 1896)

Chauncey L. Newcomer (Hillsdale College, 1898)

Edgar B. Lincoln (Hillsdale College, 1921)

Dr. Willfred O. Mauck (Hillsdale College, 1921)

Dr. Russell A. Griffin (Hillsdale College, 1928)

Edward D. Curtis (Ohio Wesleyan University, 1870)

Elisha H. Anderson (Ohio Wesleyan University, 1885)

Bishop Edwin H. Hughes (Ohio Wesleyan University, 1889)

William G. Hormell (Ohio Wesleyan University, 1889)

Benjamin U. Rannells (Ohio Wesleyan University, 1889)

Elmer L. Scott (Ohio Wesleyan University, 1889)

W. Branch Rickey (Ohio Wesleyan University, 1904)

Howard M. Crow (Ohio Wesleyan University, 1906)

W. Edgar West (Ohio Wesleyan University, 1923)

Francis M. Hughes (Ohio Wesleyan University, 1931)

C. Gardner Shaw (Ohio Wesleyan University, 1938)

George E. Kratt (Ohio Wesleyan University, 1941)

Rev. Grover C. McElyea (Ohio Wesleyan University, 1947)

Edwin L. Heminger (Ohio Wesleyan University, 1948)

Dr. James L. Conley (Ohio Wesleyan University, 1959)

David B. Hughes (Ohio Wesleyan University, 1961)

W F Packer Allis (Lafayette College, 1895)

George A. Sigman (Lafayette College, 1905)

Kenneth W. Kressler (Lafayette College, 1916)

Donald G. Kress (Lafayette College, 1958)

Carl F. Kuehnle (University of Iowa, 1919)

Richard E. Phillips (University of Iowa, 1949)

Ernest L. Warncke (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, 1927)

Joseph G. Flagler (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, 1935)

Thomas J. Farrar (Washington and Lee University, 1899)

William E. Davis (Washington and Lee University, 1899)

James R. Caskie (Washington and Lee University, 1909)

Henry J. Eberth (Kenyon College, 1889)

Alvan E. Duerr (Kenyon College, 1893)

Robert L. Harris (Kenyon College, 1896)

Howard P. Fischbach (Kenyon College, 1906)

Don C. Wheaton (Kenyon College, 1913)

Rev. High N. Moor (Kenyon College, 1914)

Dr. Robert D. Burns (Kenyon College, 1951)

Samuel L. Irving (University of Pennsylvania, 1903)

Albert R. Brunker (University of Pennsylvania, 1903)

David K. Reeder (University of Pennsylvania, 1912)

Frank M. Cornell (University of Pennsylvania, 1928)

Walter C. Evans (University of Pennsylvania, 1970)

Oscar L. Pond (Indiana University, 1899)

Clarence E. Edmondson (Indiana University, 1906)

George O. Browne (Indiana University, 1922)

Hugh Shields (Indiana University, 1926)

Ernest L. Miller (Indiana University, 1927)

Dr. Leon H. Wallace (Indiana University, 1925)

Hilbert Rust (Indiana University, 1927)

Arnold Berg (Indiana University, 1932)

Richard H. Englehart (Indiana University, 1947)

Richard E. Retterer (Indiana University, 1947)

Richards D. Barger (Indiana University, 1950)

Kenneth R. Glass (Indiana University, 1976)

Ira B. Blackstock (DePauw University, 1886)

Roy O. West (DePauw University, 1890)

Max Ehrmann (DePauw University, 1894)

Frederick C. Tucker (DePauw University, 1908)

Wallace Weatherholt (DePauw University, 1911)

W. Foster Oldshue (DePauw University, 1924)

Robert P. Stapp (DePauw University, 1934)

Mr. Fred C. Tucker, Jr. (DePauw University, 1940)

William F. Welch (DePauw University, 1940)

Edwin H. Hughes (DePauw University, 1943)

Joseph D. Boyd (DePauw University, 1948)

Norval B. Stephens, Jr. (DePauw University, 1951)

Mark E. English (DePauw University, 1964)

Thomas I. Miller (University of Georgia, 1912)

Dean William Tate (University of Georgia, 1924)

Michael T. Deal (University of Georgia, 1972)

Jody B. Danneman (University of Georgia, 1988)

Henry H. West (Emory University, 1914)

William B. Spann (Emory University, 1932)

Carl E. Stipe (Emory University, 1943)

Joseph R. Morgan (Butler University, 1889)

Will D. Howe (Butler University, 1893)

Ray T. Fatout (Butler University, 1908)

Everett M. Schofield (Butler University, 1909)

Harold B. Tharp (Butler University, 1911)

Dr. Frederick D. Kershner (Butler University, 1937)

Charles R. Cruse (Butler University, 1939)

William F. Richardson IV (Butler University, 1979)

Kendric C. Babcock (University of Minnesota, 1889)

Otto A. Silha (University of Minnesota, 1940)

John G. Harker (University of Minnesota, 1946)

Alexius C. H. Sjoberg (University of Minnesota, 1958)

Stuart Maclean (University of the South, 1897)

Prof. William W. Lewis (University of the South, 1904)

Frank A. Juhan (University of the South, 1911)

Henry O. Andrew (University of Colorado, 1896)

Hanson T. Parlin (University of Colorado, 1904)

Frank L. Moorhead (University of Colorado, 1907)

Philip S. Van Cise (University of Colorado, 1907)

L. Nathaniel Fitts (University of Colorado, 1909)

Walter R. Weber (University of Colorado, 1914)

Lt. Co. Ralph M. Wray (University of Colorado, 1921)

Eldridge C. Thompson (University of Colorado, 1921)

Frank H. Rethlefsen (University of Colorado, 1925)

George S. Lesser (University of Colorado, 1933)

Kenneth C. Penfold (University of Colorado, 1937)

Robert F. Tyler (University of Colorado, 1937)

Stanley C. McFarland (University of Colorado, 1943)

Burton C. Boothby (University of Colorado, 1945)

Chauncey O. Frisbie (University of Colorado, 1947)

Bruce R. Dickinson (University of Colorado, 1973)

Andrew E. Buchanan (Lehigh University, 1918)

Paul J. Franz (Lehigh University, 1945)

Frederick C. Hodgdon (Tufts University, 1894)

Joel W. Reynolds (Tufts University, 1923)

Keyes C. Gaynor (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1909)

George P. Loomis (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1949)

C. Robert Churchill (Tulane University, 1889)

Emile F. Naef MD (Tulane University, 1913)

George G. Henson (Tulane University, 1928)

Walter J. Verlander (Tulane University, 1941)

Hon. Henry A. Mentz (Tulane University, 1941)

William J. Fraering (Tulane University, 1946)

Phares A. Frantz (Tulane University, 1950)

Wiley H. Sharp (Tulane University, 1954)

Samuel M. Rosamond (Tulane University, 1959)

Alan G. Brackett (Tulane University, 1982)

Percy C. Adams (Cornell University, 1893)

Nelson G. Brayer (Cornell University, 1905)

Warner D. Orvis (Cornell University, 1906)

Henry S. Otto (Cornell University, 1907)

Reed L. McJunkin (Cornell University, 1932)

Dr.Leon H. Ellis (Northwestern University, 1914)

Hon. Loy W. Henderson (Northwestern University, 1915)

John H. Hutchinson (Northwestern University, 1922)

W. Dayton McKay (Northwestern University, 1926)

L. Edward E. Bryant (Northwestern University, 1963)

Fred Radewagen (Northwestern University, 1966)

Charles J. Crary (Stanford University, 1903)

Harvey S. Mudd (Stanford University, 1910)

Charles C. Koehler (Stanford University, 1910)

Sennett W. Gilfillan (Stanford University, 1912)

Henry E. Rivers (Stanford University, 1912)

Earl C. Adams (Stanford University, 1916)

William G. Dickinson (Stanford University, 1918)

Hans J. Jepsen (Stanford University, 1920)

Gerald G. Stewart (Stanford University, 1927)

Frederic O. Glover (Stanford University, 1933)

Lt. Robert E. Coffin (Stanford University, 1939)

George S. Reppas (Stanford University, 1951)

William L. McKay (University of Nebraska - Lincoln, 1898)

John L. Kind (University of Nebraska - Lincoln, 1899)

Gordon L. Jones (University of Nebraska - Lincoln, 1941)

James M. Emanuel (University of Nebraska - Lincoln, 1983)

Daniel L. Lindstrom (University of Nebraska - Lincoln, 1982)

Louis M. Tobin (University of Illinois, 1901)

Bertram C. Nelson (University of Illinois, 1904)

George B. Colby (University of Illinois, 1906)

Dr. Glen G. Yankee (University of Illinois, 1939)

Gregory N. Kazarian (University of Illinois, 1984)

Arthur B. Walling (Ohio State University, 1911)

John C. Oliver (Ohio State University, 1943)

Donald D. Kindler (Ohio State University, 1955)

Jack W. Kindler (Ohio State University, 1955)

Thomas F. Calhoon, II, CRS (Ohio State University, 1970)

Brandt C. Downey (Wabash College, 1896)

Roy Massena (Wabash College, 1902)

Charles E. McCabe (Wabash College, 1911)

Lawrence L. Sheaffer (Wabash College, 1917)

N. Durward Cory (Wabash College, 1929)

Robert F. Charles (Wabash College, 1959)

Percy W. Hall (University of California, 1899)

Frank L. Kelly (University of California, 1908)

William W. Gay (University of California, 1913)

Roy P. Crocker (University of California, 1914)

George M. Parrish (University of California, 1918)

Fred W. Boole, Jr. (University of California, 1918)

N. Robert Wilson (University of California, 1927)

Edwin H. Clark (University of California, 1936)

Charles W. Hills (Illinois Institute of Technology, 1911)

Kenneth N. Folgers (Illinois Institute of Technology, 1958)

Robert W. Archer (Illinois Institute of Technology, 1960)

Dr. John G. Olin (Illinois Institute of Technology, 1961)

Anthony F. McCue (West Virginia University, 1906)

Ernest R. Bell (West Virginia University, 1912)

Marion R. Llewellyn (West Virginia University, 1934)

James R. McCartney (West Virginia University, 1941)

Wayne A. Sinclair (West Virginia University, 1968)

Dr. Henry M. Wriston (Wesleyan University, 1911)

John R. Lindemuth (Wesleyan University, 1912)

A. Bruce Bielaski (George Washington University, 1904)

Frank S. Hemmick (George Washington University, 1909)

Richard D. Daniels (George Washington University, 1909)

Maj. Gen.Edwin P. Parker (George Washington University, 1912)

Rhesa M. Norris (George Washington University, 1914)

George A. Degnan (George Washington University, 1917)

Barry N. Hillard (George Washington University, 1917)

Robert E. Newby (George Washington University, 1924)

C. Burr Christopher (George Washington University, 1928)

William C. Markham (Baker University, 1891)

Homer K. Ebright (Baker University, 1900)

Luther Allen Beck (Baker University, 1909)

.Hugh P. Hartley (Baker University, 1919)

Frank C. Leitnaker (Baker University, 1919)

Alfred C. Runyan (Baker University, 1920)

Joseph H. Peters (Baker University, 1942)

Cecil R. Miller (Baker University, 1953)

Ivan L. Malm (Baker University, 1956)

Dale G. Kimble (Baker University, 1967)

Murray M. Blackwelder (Baker University, 1969)

James O. Selzer, Esq. (Baker University, 1970)

Walter S. Pope (University of Texas - Austin, 1905)

James C. Parks (University of Texas - Austin, 1915)

Albert S. Johnson (University of Texas - Austin, 1919)

Silas B. Ragsdale (University of Texas - Austin, 1918)

Justice Thomas C. Clark (University of Texas - Austin, 1922)

Thomas H. Law (University of Texas - Austin, 1939)

Lloyd W. Birdwell (University of Texas - Austin, 1940)

Whitfield J. Collins (University of Texas - Austin, 1940)

John P. Harbin (University of Texas - Austin, 1939)

Rudolph G. Mueller (University of Texas - Austin, 1938)

Dr. William O. Hulsey (University of Texas - Austin, 1944)

Robert K. German (University of Texas - Austin, 1947)

Thomas B. Romine (University of Texas - Austin, 1948)

John B. Evans (University of Texas - Austin, 1948)

Silas B. Ragsdale (University of Texas - Austin, 1948)

Robert L. Marwill (University of Texas - Austin, 1959)

Russell Douglass (University of Texas - Austin, 1981)

William R. Hornbuckle (University of Missouri, 1909)

Henry C. Lipscomb (University of Missouri, 1913)

Roscoe C. Groves (University of Missouri, 1913)

Earl M. Page (University of Missouri, 1921)

Phil R. Acuff (University of Missouri, 1953)

Henry G. Hoss (Purdue University, 1905)

Capt. Fritz Eberle (Purdue University, 1917)

George A. Fisher (Purdue University, 1933)

Wade L. Neal (Purdue University, 1943)

James B. Russell (Purdue University, 1975)

William R. Hirsch (Purdue University, 1976)

L. Carlos Flohr (University of Washington, 1927)

Ward D. Williams (University of Washington, 1929)

Robert W. Gilley (University of Washington, 1930)

Gene W. Rossman (University of Washington, 1931)

Bruce W. Pickering (University of Washington, 1931)

Dennis A. Brawford (University of Washington, 1961)

William E. Schrumpf (University of Maine, 1912)

Robert Heuck (University of Cincinnati, 1913)

James H. Garrison (University of Cincinnati, 1919)

Blaine H. Loudin (University of Cincinnati, 1952)

R. James Rockwell (University of Cincinnati, 1959)

Daniel L. Earley (University of Cincinnati, 1965)

Robert G. Ferguson (University of Cincinnati, 1971)

Patrick J. Gibbons (University of Cincinnati, 1984)

Harold C. Hopkins (Syracuse University, 1910)

Frederick L. Stone (Syracuse University, 1914)

Clifford N. Strait (Syracuse University, 1923)

Forrest H. Witmeyer (Syracuse University, 1928)

J. Clinton Loucks (Syracuse University, 1927)

Thomas W. Hill (Syracuse University, 1968)

Craig S. Scholl (Syracuse University, 1982)

Woodward H. Brenton (Iowa State University, 1920)

David L. Nagel (Iowa State University, 1963)

Charles E. Safris (Iowa State University, 1963)

Dr. Donald M. McKale (Iowa State University, 1966)

Robert T. Rankin (University of Oregon, 1932)

K. Reed Swenson (University of Oregon, 1935)

Paul A. C. Eckelman (University of Oregon, 1943)

Clarence R. Helt (University of Pittsburgh, 1914)

Norman MacLeod (University of Pittsburgh, 1917)

G. Herbert McCracken (University of Pittsburgh, 1921)

Charles R. Wilson (University of Pittsburgh, 1926)

William P. Raines (University of Pittsburgh, 1948)

Louis K. McLinden (University of Pittsburgh, 1951)

P. Richard Swanson (University of Pittsburgh, 1955)

Dr. George F. Buerger (University of Pittsburgh, 1957)

Martin W. Sheerer (University of Pittsburgh, 1959)

Clyde R. Gelvin (University of Kansas, 1917)

Martin B. Dickinson (University of Kansas, 1926)

Eugene B. Hibbs (University of Kansas, 1933)

Jay W. Minnich (Miami University, 1916)

Lewis Deschler (Miami University, 1926)

Charles E. Bancroft (Miami University, 1950)

Ray H. Pollom Sr (Kansas State University, 1912)

Leland E. Call (Kansas State University, 1922)

Paul A. Skinner (Kansas State University, 1928)

Kenneth A. File (Kansas State University, 1981)

Charles Pearson, Jr. (Georgia Institute of Technology, 1923)

Robert P. Bates (University of Oklahoma, 1924)

John W. Nichols (University of Oklahoma, 1936)

Donald J. Holt (University of Oklahoma, 1951)

Jidge Verity (University of Oklahoma, 1970)

Horace H. Johnson (Carnegie Mellon University, 1922)

Dr. John H. Venable (Carnegie Mellon University, 1951)

Thomas J. Barron (University of South Dakota, 1937)

Darrel L. Johnson (University of South Dakota, 1940)

John W. Wood, Jr. (University of South Dakota, 1968)

John W. Fisher (University of Tennessee, 1938)

Berley Winton (University of Kentucky, 1922)

James S. Shropshire (University of Kentucky, 1929)

J. Carlisle Myers (University of Kentucky, 1943)

Evangelos S. Levas (University of Kentucky, 1954)

G. Michael M. Perros (University of Kentucky, 1981)

Dr. George F. Weber (University of Florida, 1916)

G. Sydney Lenfestey (University of Florida, 1934)

Roy W. Huntsman (University of Florida, 1957)

Jack B. Nichols (University of Florida, 1958)

Travis O. Rockey (University of Florida, 1973)

Marion K. Coley (University of Alabama, 1941)

Wallace W. Taylor (University of Alabama, 1946)

Ross L. Butters (University of Toronto, 1958)

Matt C. L. Mathes (Oregon State University, 1923)

R. Stevens Gilley (Oregon State University, 1956)

Ellis B. Snow (University of Idaho, 1936)

Marshall L. Mah (University of Idaho, 1970)

George A. Allen (University of North Dakota, 1936)

Ordean L. Dahl (University of North Dakota, 1934)

Merritt L. Welch (University of North Dakota, 1930)

Thomas P. Hanson, P.E. (University of North Dakota, 1970)

Richard A. Schmidt (University of North Dakota, 1976)

Hoyt D. Gardner (Westminster College, 1946)

Warren M. Hollrah (Westminster College, 1976)

Brock E. Ayers (Westminster College, 1982)

James H. Bowersox (University of Southern California, 1951)

Richard T. Tyner (University of Maryland, 1966)

L. Gale Wilkerson (Oklahoma State University, 1966)

T. Dan Loving (Oklahoma State University, 1972)

Daniel C. Stith (Oklahoma State University, 1978)

Mark Vernallis (Auburn University, 1975)

Joseph H. Langhammer (Texas Christian University, 1966)

Leonard G. Swanson (Washington State University, 1962)

Kent R. Hance (Texas Tech University, 1965)

.John D. Yeoman (University of Arizona, 1966)

John W. Bickerstaff (University of Arizona, 1975)

Terry M. Carlton (Sam Houston State University, 1960)

Charles T. Mallery (Sam Houston State University, 1959)

Dr. Robert E. Roush, Jr. (Sam Houston State University, 1964)

Donald R. May (Sam Houston State University, 1969)

Dr. Kenneth L. Clinton (Texas A&M - Commerce, 1965)

Dr. Thomas Huddleston (Texas A&M - Commerce, 1962)

Jeffrey S. Heatherington (Willamette University, 1965)

Dr. Thomas S. Sharp, EdD (Louisiana State University, 1967)

Sidney J. Gonsoulin, Jr. (Louisiana State University, 1970)

Terry L. Hunsucker (Ball State University, 1971)

Duane W. Wimer (Ball State University, 1984)

Lee W. Grace (Western Kentucky University, 1984)

Michael A. Hanson (University of South Florida, 1977)

Bruce L. Peterson (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, 1975)

Charles D. Edwards (Southeastern Louisiana University, 1973)

Victor E. Pregeant (Southeastern Louisiana University, 1980)

Thomas B. Pitchford (Southeastern Louisiana University, 1993)

Carl R. Brantley (Georgia Southern University, 1975)

George A. Paddock (University of Virginia, 1906)

James V. Eppes (University of Virginia, 1929)

Charles T. Boyd (University of North Carolina, 1921)

William H. Andrews (University of North Carolina, 1920)

Charles B. Gault (University of North Carolina, 1933)

Clarence Pumphrey (University of Akron, 1874)

Frank Wieland (University of Akron, 1890)

Sidney S. Wilson (University of Akron, 1887)

Lowell G. Oxtoby (Western Illinois University, 1972)

Thomas M. Ray (Jacksonville State University, 1976)

W. Charles Johnson, Jr. (University of Southern Mississippi, 1993)

David C. Julien (Bradley University, 1988)

Brian E. Smith (Bradley University, 1990)

Ernest W. Oneal (Simpson College, 1885)

Clyde M. Martsolf (Pennsylvania State University, 1909)

Walter B. Nissley (Pennsylvania State University, 1910)

Mark M. Grubbs (Pennsylvania State University, 1913)

George A. Doyle (Pennsylvania State University, 1917)

Albert J. Murphy (Pennsylvania State University, 1938)

Frederick R. Taylor (Pennsylvania State University, 1959)

Irwin J. Slotnick (Pennsylvania State University, 1982)

Carl V. Weygandt (College of Wooster, 1912)

Alfred T. Rogers (University of Wisconsin - Madison, 1895)

Harry R. Hewitt (University of Wisconsin - Madison, 1902)

Owen C. Orr (University of Wisconsin - Madison, 1907)

Dwight G. Norman (University of Wisconsin - Madison, 1954)

Charles F. Axelson (University of Chicago, 1907)

Daniel W. Ferguson (University of Chicago, 1909)

Francis F. Patton (University of Chicago, 1911)

Paul G. Hoffman (University of Chicago, 1912)

Henry W. Merrill (Dartmouth College, 1913)

H William Trease (Dartmouth College, 1944)

James A. Sanderson (Dartmouth College, 1955)

Robert M. Ives (Columbia University, 1921)

Charles L. Edwards (Lombard College, 1884)

Charles E. Locke (Mount Union College, 1880)

Jason M. Feiner (Bradley University, 1997)

Anthony J. Albanese (American University, 1996)

Dr. Terry L. Irons (Morehead State University, 1991)

Robert D. Gotsch (Georgia Institute of Technology, 1959)

James A. Loach (Georgia Southern University, 1970)

James F. Meyer (DePauw University, 1986)

Steven A. Paquette (Syracuse University, 1977)

Brian D. Booth (Missouri University of Science & Technology, 1997)