Delts Support the Western PA JDRF OneWalk

February 8, 2024

In October, more than 30 Delts participated in the Western PA JDRF OneWalk, including undergraduate delegations from Gamma at Washington and Jefferson, Theta at Bethany, Gamma Sigma at Pitt, and Zeta Mu at Robert Morris. The Three Rivers Alumni Chapter representation included Zeta Mu, Gamma, and Delta Omega at Kent State along with Regional Governor Greg Lucsko (John Carroll, 2008) and Chapter Consultant Cody Phillips (Western Kentucky, 2023).

In addition to supporting JDRF, the event continues to grow as it brings together brothers of all ages from different chapters. “We have been doing this collective event to support the region for a few years now, and this was one of our best attended,” Lucsko said.

Tyler Phillips (Washington & Jefferson, 2018), who serves as Theta’s chapter advisor and an executive board member of the Three Rivers Alumni Chapter, helped set up the collaboration. Phillips coordinated with area chapter advisors and relayed the messages to their presidents and philanthropy chairmen. Everyone in attendance walked, and a few raised funds for JDRF by sharing fundraiser links online.

“I enjoyed coordinating the chapters and connecting a lot of people together,” Phillips said. “It always reminds me of meeting people at conferences as an undergrad and seeing how it benefits you in the rest of your Delt experience, whether it's meeting brothers from Idaho to split a hotel room with at Karnea or making a connection that will help your future career.”